Virgin Media broadband issues

  Spoony07 20:09 16 Oct 2007


Currently having a few issues with Virgin Media's general service for Broadband. I keep getting Disconnected every 10-20mins, Reconnecting the power cable usually does the trick.. but having to do this every 10-20mins is irritating to say the least when im either playing poker for fun or a MMORPG.

I do not exactly want to phone them up either when they are probaly going to tell me what i already know of them having a few issues in the Area i live in. This has been like this since Friday last week though.

Getting rather annoyed with Virgin Media tbh, Random disconnects have been happening for the past 1-2 months usually on a weekly basis, this current one has lasted for 4 days now. Still no solution!

I might be a little rash and what not, but im thinking of canceling my broadband with them, Might actually give PlusNet Broadband a try since i've seen quite decent reviews regarding the service they provide.

Lastly, anyone else having the problem i have currently with Virgin Media?

+ Lastly, anyone have PlusNet Broadband? care to explain why i should join up?

Thankyou to those who respond

  1832bchs 23:48 16 Oct 2007

I have had Virgin Media broadband for 5 years, from when I was with Telewest and have been very happy with it.
I only had one problem, when I could not get online. I phoned up and wouldn't take no for an answer until they agreed to send an engineer, he found a fault with the cable outside my house and since then it's been fine.

You are paying for the service, ring them up and insist they sort it out. Try to ring during the day, you are less likely to get the Indian call centre.

  raeman 10:53 17 Oct 2007

I've been seeing the same problems with virginmedia over the past week it lasted for a few days then went ok until yesterday when it was disconnecting every 10-20 mins but settled down again later . I was blaming my router as i've never had any probs before also virgin website doesn't say there are any service issues.

  sugarbabylove 00:28 18 Oct 2007

Ive had a lot of problems past few weeks.

Its really erratic and slow. Then it just doesnt let me online at all.

Of course now its a premium rate number to call which puts you off calling as its 25p a min.

Yeah they credit you back if its their fault, which they always find an excuse to turn it round so you look like the dumbass!

  birdface 13:25 19 Oct 2007

Speed here it lets you know if you are getting the proper download speed.A lot of problems are not the Providers problems but are computer related.Now you could try right clicking the Local area Connection on your quick start and pressing repair.See if that finds any problems. Also try ,Control Panel.Administrative tools.Scroll down to DNS Client and make sure it is set to automatic.Or tools Internet Options.Connections.And try Lan Settings.Tick automatically detect settings.Ok. Apply Ok. Or Connections.And dot never dial a connection.Apply Ok.Or switch your modem of for 20 seconds.Restart it and wait 2 minutes before you use it.If using a router connect straight to your modem and if it works Ok .Then its a problem with your Router.Now if you have tried all that and it still does not work them up and tell them you want an engineer out.I had the same problem,after suffering with it for about 2 Months I told them I wanted a engineer out.The engineer was on my computer for about 30 seconds went outside to my wall box and changed the filter and I have had no problems with it since.

  Air_Man 10:53 28 Oct 2007

I was in the same position back in May 07. After having no issues for 5 years, suddenly most mornings there would be no connections, usually after an hour or so it started working but sometimes it would be many hours.

I started logging all the outages and eventually gave them a call. They confirmed there was a temporary problem in my area. Fine.

Still it carried on and I rang a couple of weeks later. This time they sent an engineer out within a couple of days and he simply replaced my original cable modem with a new one. Ran a few tests, told me the signal was too strong, fitted a Conditioining Filter to weaken the signal(!) and tested with Speedtest. I got almost exactly the 4Mbps connection I pay for.

He didn't even test the old modem, so I guess its a known issue.

Before I called I was certain it was a problem with the cable outside which had been smashed by kids playing football, but in the end it was just the modem. I wish I'd called much earlier.

Might be worth a go.

Good luck Spoony.

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