Virgin Media broadband free technical support .

  Arnie 10:41 18 Apr 2008

From the 1st June '08, there will be free technical support. No more having to pay 25p/min.

Simply ring 151 on a Virgin Media phone.

Other phones will have to use 0845 4541111.

  Stuartli 10:51 18 Apr 2008

>>Other phones will have to use 0845 4541111.>>

So not necessarily free technical support then..:-)

  Arnie 11:41 18 Apr 2008

Anyone who subscribes both to the Virgin Media broadband and phone service can access the free service on 151.
The phone does not have to be supplied by Virgin Media. In this sense it is free.

I didn’t expect my thread to be analysed pedantically.

  bremner 12:08 18 Apr 2008

I welcome this return to sanity by Virgin.

I would be interested to know how many people have Virgin BB and do not have a Virgin phone as well.

Is there anyone out there that doesn't?

  bnorth 12:48 18 Apr 2008

yup - thats me !
I just have BB and cable TV with Virgin (and previously telewest).
It prob would be cheaper for me to switch to having Virgin phone too ... I've imagined - and this may not be true - that I'd need to take a day off work for the phone to be connected so not got round to it.

re free techie support - so far (3 years and crossing everything as I say it) I've not needed much - rarely had a problem - maybe once with the TV !?

  Chas49 12:53 18 Apr 2008

Arnie: As a 'victim' of the technical support system on Virgin I, when I experienced this 'service', immediately cancelled my 20mg service which was causing me aggro when it would install properly. This aggro was greatly increased when, after dialling 151 on a virgin connection, I was directed to an Indian Call Centre where I just couldn't understand what they were saying.

Although I left them in a hurry I'm glad that Virgin have 'seen the light' and got rid of this, to me, a definate turn off to Virgin being used.

Incidentally Arnie, I'm sure that Stuartli was 'pulling your leg' - notice the smilie?

  Chas49 12:56 18 Apr 2008

Yuk! For - 'when it would install properly!!' - Read - 'would not install properly!'

  Arnie 13:20 18 Apr 2008

"Arnie, I'm sure that Stuartli was 'pulling your leg' - notice the smilie?"

No. I missed that.
Sorry Stuartli.

"I was directed to an Indian Call Centre where I just couldn't understand what they were saying.

Chas, I know what you mean. I used their call centre to change my phone service to the 01/02 free call service.
I got fed up having to switch on my computer to use Skype.

  Arnie 13:23 18 Apr 2008

"I welcome this return to sanity by Virgin."
So do I, although I've never used the 25p/min. service.

Even the 0845 4541111 number is still pretty fair.
Of course 01/02 number prefixes would be nicer still.

Another little extra bonus from 1st June is a £1/month discount for e-billing. This is being increased from the current 50p/month discount, although at the moment I still receive snail-mail and my 50p discount.
E-billing is not yet activated in my area.

01/02 landline call costs are changing from 3.25p/min. to 4p/min.
This will not affect customers who use the free 01/02, (XL phone pack etc.) service.

  Lio 22:42 18 Apr 2008

I had to use the 25p/min line last month and they did say that if the fault was due to their equipment then they would refund the cost of the call. It was and they did! (modem had a fault, immediately sent a new one to replace it)

  birdface 10:06 19 Apr 2008

I take it they forgot to tell you that phone calls are going up by almost 1p a minute so they are clawing it back at everyones expense.

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