Virgin Media Broadband Charges

  lil27 08:25 02 Sep 2007

I am currently paying £18 per month for the VM 2mB service. A few weeks ago, VM offered new customers this service fro £10 per month. I sent them an e-mail (about 3 weeks ago) using their contact service asking if i could have broadband for the same cost. I did not get a response.
Since then, VM are offering this 2mB service for £4.50 a month. I have again sent them an e-mail today asking the obvious.

I have asked if it is possible to cancel my current subscription (had for over two years) and rejoin as a new customer at £4.50 a month. Have anyone elso tried to do the same and if so what resonse did you get ?

  sidecar sid 09:44 02 Sep 2007

Try phoning the retentions department on 0800 0529403 mon-fri during office hours.
You may have to hold for a while(40 mins in my case)but its a free call.
As a customer who is out of contract they may offer you a good deal,although it may be subject to signing up for another twelve months.
I spoke to them when they fell out with sky pointing out there were better deals to be had elswhere.The result was
TV Size:XL
Broadband size:L
For £33.45 per month with no new contract.

  prima12 10:09 02 Sep 2007

Don't bother waiting for an email from them because that hasn't changed since NTL. VM and Sky behave in very similar ways and always remind me of the Nationwide savings advert "we put a big fat juicy worm on our hook to 'hoik' you in and then throw you in the keepnet when we've got you" and then forget about you. They only appear to be concerned about attracting new customers and to hell with the old loyal ones. The only way you might get a reply is to write to them (you may still have about a three week delay before replying), but don't hold your breath. P.

  birdface 12:27 02 Sep 2007

I may be wrong with this,but if you have an Ntl phone line they charge for 0800 numbers,Free phone with Ntl is 150 as long as you have the Telephone package.I hope I am not getting mixed up with my mobile but I am sure someone will let us know.I agree with you £18 for 2 Mb is extortion especially as You get about 15Mb from Sky for £10.

  lil27 12:52 03 Sep 2007

Been on the 'dog and bone' to them this morning. They agreed that £18 was over the top and have now put me on the 3 for £30 (TV, Telephone and Broadband). They have basically reduced my charges by £10.50 per month. They stated that most offers are available to current customers. What they don't do is reduce your bill without you calling them.

  birdface 18:12 03 Sep 2007

Nice one.But the downside is it ties you to Virgin for the next year.

  lil27 18:21 03 Sep 2007

Yeah I know buteman but at the end of the day I only use broadband for occasional surf (approx 1 hour per day) and bill paying etc. I did not have a problem with the service just the cost. I am also not really interested in a higher speed as the 2mB I have is fit for purpose.

  BT 08:07 04 Sep 2007

O800 numbers are still free on Virgin/NTL lines the same as BT. As far as I know all 08** numbers cost the same as BT.
The connection charge is I think 6p and calls are 3p/min. Free Daytime/Evening/Weekend calls depend on the package you subscribe to.

The 150/151 calls to Virgin from a Virgin phone are free at all times.

I have been paying £9.50 for my NTL/Virgin broadband for the last 2 years, since they offered it at this price to pursuade Dial-Up customers to change over.

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