Virgin Media

  jaraba 10:58 01 Nov 2009

Rang them to arrange to have a phone line which is in my house reactivated.
Told it would cost £35 connection as engineer had to come out to green box to reconnect, fair enough charge I thought.
They then offered me "Quick Start" which was giving me a digi box free delivered to my door & then with a phone call the phone would be reconnected using their computer at No Charge.
Asked why the engeneer had to use the nearest green box just to connect the phone when it could be done via computer link if I had their quick start & told it was company policy/system.

Anyone any thoughts on this, imho, crazy scenario.

  ol blueeyes 11:06 01 Nov 2009

Having just had Telephone and TV added to my Broadband Connection with Virgin. I would say this is typical of them. one Half of the Company do not know what the other Half is doing. Several times they have told me one thing on Telephone then when I ask them to Confirm it by E:Nail they tell me something completely different.

  birdface 12:28 01 Nov 2009

Well I suppose that they just saved you £35 that you did not mind paying.
I think that I would be grateful of the outcome.
All of their phone call prices are going up so they may advertise it at say 4p a minute but they have a connection charge of round about 9p for each call.
Cheaper with an Asda sim card at 8p a minute and 4p a text.
I only use Virgin at the weekend when its free and use the mobile during the week.

  jaraba 13:42 01 Nov 2009

Only wanted the line for a standalone fax that could be used for incoming at any hour of day or night.

Allow the £35 would'nt have come out of my pocket still pleased that I saved it & got an extra digi box into the bargain.:-)

  Input Overload 01:25 04 Nov 2009

Virgin did a brilliant job of fitting fibre, the after sales service & upgrade to 50 Meg went smoothly and the guys arrived when they arranged. I have nothing but good to say about Virgin. I had some trouble getting full speed & the guys at tech went out of their way to get it sorted including 2 home visits.

I'm running at full speed now after they found & showed me a dodgy connection. Another company that uses dishes to obtain TV signals could learn a lot from Virgin install.

  Awshum 11:20 04 Nov 2009

As I am getting 50mb installed tomorrow could you tell me what it actually entails?

Currently on 10 meg and have two TV boxes.

  jaraba 11:41 04 Nov 2009

Digi Box delivered Yesterday, Tues, as promised.
Rang the number to activate the phone & told it would be online by 6pm Tues.
Now 11.39 Wed & line still dead.
just going to spend another how long getting through to right dept to find out why phone is still dead. Keep your fingers crossed for me :-)

  jaraba 12:24 04 Nov 2009

Have to wait to another 10 days for engineer to come out to check the line/connections.:-(
Beginning to wish I had never started :-(

  ol blueeyes 13:21 04 Nov 2009


Oh! how I agree I think they get worse and worse. Do you understand their Bills ?

  jaraba 15:01 04 Nov 2009

Aa I have'nt had one yet cant say, but with your comment do I have to start worrying even before I get one :-)

  ol blueeyes 15:54 04 Nov 2009


Lets just say they can be a little confusing. The only Company I know that when they make a rededuction for the reduced rate of VAT they increase your Bill.

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