Virgin broadband, your feedback pls

  Hoseman 11:38 03 Feb 2011

Just wanted some feedback on their service. Any good/reliable? Whats their support like? Is it a premium number and does it take long to get through? What about the speeds? Is their 30mb package as described speed wise?


  wiz-king 12:05 03 Feb 2011

I like the cable broadband, speed good and almost no reduction at peak times. Dont know about the 'over the telephone' though.

  spuds 12:13 03 Feb 2011

If you do a internet search, you will find quite a number of reviews and forum blogs about Virgin broadband.

I do not use Virgin, but I do know of three people who have returned to or joined Virgin after having had previously bad experiences with another ISP.

With Virgin I found that they have a number of introductory offers on all the time. Its perhaps selecting the best offer for youself, thats the most time consuming?.

  Lio 12:45 03 Feb 2011

I have been with Virgin media for a number of years, the connection speed is excellent, my 20mb is always 19.5mb or above no matter what time of day. The phone support is generally ok and is a free phone number if you have their telephone service too.

  Picklefactory 13:16 03 Feb 2011

Been with Virgin for approx 4 years now, had an issue last week, purely by coinkydink, local maintenance and had no BB for about 2 days. I must say I don't find the call centre too much help (Indian for reference), always very polite but they couldn't tell me why I had an issue. They did, however, give me a refund on my bill and have sent a new modem as mine is quite old. I eventually received a text message telling me the maintenance had been completed and my service was fixed AFTER the event but all in all, I am happy with the service, call centre not withstanding, I have had very few issues to require talking to them (Or trying to). The BB is very consistent (10 Meg) and I see little, if any, speed reduction at peak times. I think last week was only the 2nd time I've had a problem in 4 years, so I think that is pretty good.
Hope that helps.

Had Virgin for around 8 years. Number of outages in that time could be counted on one hand. Speed is always around 90%+ of that advertised. Very rarely had need to call their technical support. I believe they have an Indian call centre, and a one based in Scotland where it depends on the time of day as to which one you are put through to.

  jakimo 13:41 03 Feb 2011

The internet cable service speed and service is good but I find the cable phone connection service expensive

  xania 15:27 03 Feb 2011
  birdface 15:54 03 Feb 2011

Been with them for about 7 years and all I can say is the service is very good.
The foreign call center leaves a lot to be desired.
If you use the Telephone a lot get the 24/7 coverage as there calls can be quite expensive if you only have the free weekend calls.
If you dial 1471 to see who phoned and you and press the number3 button on the phone to connect to them they charge you for that whether you are on 24/7 or not.
I pay for 10mb and get 10Mb.
I would rate their service at 95% out of a 100% Like I said I have had a few problems in that time which were dealt with fairly quickly.

  Hoseman 16:37 03 Feb 2011

Thx for all the feedback!

Indian call centres... why do companies use them. Seriously!!!

Im thinking about maybe getting TV with it too but I dont think Ill bother with the telephone.

  iqs 18:50 03 Feb 2011

I have been with Virgin media(cable) for 4 years.I have only had two occasions where I have lost my internet connection.
The first was sorted within 24 hours,the second took 6 days.One of the green cabinets had a fault,but they couldn't locate the faulty one.
But this affected my hundreds of customers.They did reduce my next bill by £8,that's what they said the 6 day outage was worth.

With the second fault,I contacted Virgin media,who advised me that they required a technician to test my line and modem.This required a phone call to the tech dept,in India.

Long story cut short,didn't appreciate how I was treated by the call staff,made a complaint to Virgin,and was informed in future to contact the complaint dept who will connect me to a tech adviser in the UK

Hope this helps

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