Virgin Broadband .... Just my luck

  wids001 08:47 26 Feb 2009

Recently I decided to increase my BB speed with Virgin from 2meg to 10meg for an extra £6 per month.

Today, Virgin have announced that they will be upgrading all 2meg customers to 10meg FOC in May.

Now, where does that leave me?

  dean1988 08:55 26 Feb 2009

what does FOC mean?

  natdoor 08:57 26 Feb 2009

Why not ask them? It may be FOC (free of charge) initially but for how long?

  dagnammit 10:24 26 Feb 2009

You may find the 10meg customers will move higher too.

  gazzaho 14:54 26 Feb 2009

My BB went from 4Mbps to 10Mbps in June of last year FOC, it was part of a network wide upgrade. It would be worth inquiring about it, what have you got to loose?

If my memory serves me correctly, the 10Mbps package will be increasing to 20Mbps, and the 20Mbps will be increasing to 50Mbps

This is the article I read click here where it says:

"Our entry-level broadband product is now twice the speed of comparable services and, with our new 10-20-50 range"

By that I took it that the L package would go to 20 and the XL package would go to 50, although it doesn't specifically say that.

  gazzaho 04:33 27 Feb 2009

It would appear so [email protected], looks like a speed increase is due then for the summer!

Why not just call up and cancel the upgrade package you ordered if it's not already put through. Just a thought.

  birdface 11:45 27 Feb 2009

Looks like you will be getting 20Mb for the extra £6 so 2Mb to 20Mb for £6 sounds good to me.

  ened 12:56 27 Feb 2009

If they give you neither you can always ask for a mac. I'm sure they will be more inclined towards giving you a fairer deal then.

They're a cable company. They'd laugh at you if you asked for a MAC (as one would not be necessary).

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