Input Overload 01:16 10 Sep 2009

Well I've taken the plunge & signed up for Virgin fibre. I got the guy next door to sign up too & we both get £30 off our first bill!

I am with Sky ADSL at the moment & are about at the end of BB reception being over 4km from the exchange & it's slowing down as time goes by despite using the best cable etc & faceplate. I think this house was installed by Graeme Bell himself. I wont (I hope) be sad to say goodbye to BT copper. September 17 is D-Day so all pray for me. I've gone for the 20 meg bit package so it should be something to behold after the connection I have now even with contention & it's unlimited download. (So they say)

I'm thinking of going down the road canvasing, as apparently no matter how many you get to join Virgin it's £30 for you & £30 for the new customer. I might be able to give up the day job. I also got free installation when I hesitated as to having Virgin - worth noting.

  dagnammit 06:05 10 Sep 2009

I went down from a solid 20meg connection to a shakey 10meg. :| In an effort to reduce my bill but the lag and timeouts are not worth it.

I have arranged to get 50meg installed but they can't do it until 19th November.


V Box, V+ Box, XL TV, M PHONE, L BB & Picture box for £55.95

Changing to, in November:

V Box, V+ Box, XL TV, XL PHONE, XXL BB & Picture box for £78.00
(£30 install and £20 connection free for xxl)

  BT 08:14 10 Sep 2009

We've been with them for years and recently got the free 10mb upgrade, and get close to that most of the time. It gets a bit slower at peak hours but not so that it inconveniences me. Rarely get any service interruptions - only twice in the last 4 years and both those due to lightening strikes, one in the next road.

  wiz-king 08:33 10 Sep 2009

Had cable since it came to our area - one of the first areas - and I only have had one problem. When I upgraded last year my old modem could not cope, one engineers visit (within 15 min of scheduled time) a new modem box and all sorted.

  Input Overload 08:46 10 Sep 2009

Thanks, fingers crossed! :-)

  iqs 09:49 10 Sep 2009

Been with Virgin for over 4 years,I have the 20MB package,to date no problems and an excellent service.
You wont regret it.

  dagnammit 15:25 10 Sep 2009

Agree. My post sounds like I'm slamming the service... what I mean is 10meg wasn't enough speed for me. Virgin Media has given almost faultless service for the last 6 years - the one time it went down they sent an engineer next day.

  cruiser2 15:45 10 Sep 2009

Hi input overload,
Am thinking of changing to Virgin when my contract with TT finishes next year. Cable was installed in the area several years ago. So what do I have to do so that we both get £30.00?

  BT 17:05 10 Sep 2009

Had a problem connecting a while back, got onto the help line and after running through a number of checks they decided I needed a new modem which arrived in the post 2 days later. Fitted it up and phoned for activation - still wouldn't work. In a flash of inspiration I thought "Perhaps there's a problem with the PC Motherboard ethernet socket". Fitted a spare Ethernet card I had and Hey Presto everything OK, so my fault not theirs.

When my cable box gave up the ghost they sent an engineer next day with a new one.

When we moved house there was a bit of a mix up over transferring my service and after a couple of phone calls they sent an engineer in the evening to install everything. It was a bit scary seeing him climbing around on my bungalow roof in the dark routing cables over the top.

  Input Overload 19:10 10 Sep 2009

cruiser2, Get someone on Virgin fiber to recommend you, then you recommend your friend. You can do this when you sign up but the girl I spoke to is giving me a call tomorrow as I have 2 ready to sign up. Check this with Virgin yourself though.

  Input Overload 01:01 18 Sep 2009

Fitted today very professionally, very pleased with the install. All set up, no problems I get a constant 19 Megabits from the 100 Meg download from Zen. Super-pleased.

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