Virgin 2mb broadband

  VNAM75 16:41 03 Jan 2009

Will they be upgrading people to the 4mb for free, or do you have to go on their 4mb service and get upgraded to 10mb for free?

Years ago I was on 500k BB and this was upgraded to 2mb for free. Not sure if they do free upgrades on their base packages any more. I'm paying £20 per month for 2mb cable BB and basic digital tv - is this a good price? I average 1.8mb downstream and it has been reliable so far.

  wiz-king 16:58 03 Jan 2009

I think they have finished, I went to the 4mb have just been ungraded to the 10mb and had trouble getting more than 6mb and had lots of dropouts and very slow speeds at times. They replaced my modem and put an attenuator in the line and now I get a very constant speed of 9.9mg.
worth asking for.

  VNAM75 18:01 03 Jan 2009

I'm still on 2mb. I will ask them about the upgrade

  GaT7 19:07 03 Jan 2009

"I'm paying £20 per month for 2mb cable BB and basic digital tv - is this a good price?" - I reckon that's average to poor. I was offered the same for £15 a year ago.

Present deal with 10Mb BB + TV = £16 click here (phone is £11 extra/month). So you may be paying £4 extra & getting slower BB in process. G

  VNAM75 20:27 03 Jan 2009

But at the £16 price you have to take the phone don't you?

  GaT7 20:42 03 Jan 2009

Ah, so it would appear you're not doing the phone deal with them too, are you? Just the BB & TV for £20? G

  VNAM75 20:44 03 Jan 2009

Correct, because I don't need a phone.

  GaT7 21:10 03 Jan 2009

Their BB-only service is £10 click here on it's own. So I reckon with some clever negotiation & persistence you should be able to get a £5 reduction for BB+TV at the very least. Worth a try anyway, & I wish you the best with it.

I was offered 2MB BB + TV for £15. But I didn't want the TV, & they weren't prepared to continue with the BB-only deal for the £10 I was paying at the time (so I left & joined O2's 8Mb BB-only service for £7.50, but that's another story!). G

  perpetual motion 22:17 03 Jan 2009

Ah but ive just had one of Virgin's flyers through my door & in the VERY VERY small print it states that "You have a 2gb useage per month & every gb used after that is charged at £15."

OMG are they for real..? fifteen pounds is a hell of a lot of money per gig..??

  VNAM75 22:59 03 Jan 2009

Thanks, I'll call them and see what they say.

"You have a 2gb useage per month & every gb used after that is charged at £15."

Does that apply to adsl, cable or both? And to all speed tariffs too?

  perpetual motion 00:14 04 Jan 2009

IVe got the flyer here & this is its wording "Take out a 24 month Broadband contract for £25 pm & it comes with 1 uk allowance thats 90 hours of web browsing or download 120 songs alternativly you could pay £30 a month for the 3 gb cap

BUT ive since read that this is related to the NETBOOK so im not sure if they throw one of them in & its a inclusive package but it still states go over the cappage & ur in for a second mortgage... cause £15 per gig is pathetic!!

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