Viewsonic 19" LCD Flat Panel Monitor

  freaky 18:57 19 Aug 2007

Has anyone owned one of these, and are they OK ?

Reason I am asking is my 17" Iiyama ProLite E435S is on the 'blink' ....the control buttons no longer function.

I am going to contact Iiyama tomorrow as it's still on warranty. If for some reason they decline to replace it, then I am looking to get another make with a 19" screen.

  Totally-braindead 19:02 19 Aug 2007

If its still under warranty I see no reason that they would refuse to replace/repair it. Iiyama is a well know company.

  freaky 19:10 19 Aug 2007

Thanks.....I realise that, but would like to prepare for the eventuality.

  Totally-braindead 19:19 19 Aug 2007

Well all I can say is Viewsonic is a well know make as well, perhaps not as good as Iiyama. Some monitors get excellent reviews and some are just classed as ok. It really depends on which one you are on about.
I can't comment even if you had said which Viewsonic monitor it was as I don't have one.

As an example, if you look at the PCA mag the second choice in the sub 19" panels is a Viewsonic, its the VG1930wm and retails at £153. Their summary, its not a looker IE it doesn't look flashy or whatever but gives an excellent vibrant picture. And its cheap, and I'm sure if you hunt about you would be able to know a bit more off.

  cycoze 19:23 19 Aug 2007

I have a Viewsonic 19" and it is an excellent monitor.

As above though i would get Your Iiyama sorted out under warranty, they are a well known and respected company, you may not get a brand new replacement but possibly a reconditioned model, thats how most manufacturers work.

  freaky 19:43 19 Aug 2007

Thanks for the interest. We have 3 Iiyama TFT's :-

a)2 Prolite E435, one of which was replaced earlier this year under warranty.

b)The other is a 19" Prolite E481S...extremely pleased with this one especially the 19" screen.

My only criticism of them is the control buttons (as mentioned in PCA reviews). When you select the menu you have to be very quick in your selections, otherwise they turn off!

The E435 that was faulty was replaced by courier the next day!

  freaky 13:48 20 Aug 2007

Contacted IIyama by email this morning, and a replacement is being delivered tomorrow.

That's what I call good service !!!!

  hereford456 14:13 20 Aug 2007

Viewsonic customer service & warranty are a joke!
Still waiting 4 weeks for a replacement monitor that is under a year old!!

  freaky 15:16 20 Aug 2007

That's bad news, especially as I was considering getting one if there were problems with the Iiyama warranty.

  hereford456 15:38 21 Aug 2007

Seems Viewsonic will provide only a model the same as you have.
As mine was end of line they dont have any in stock in the UK.
So far it's been a month & the monitor is only 9 months old.
As far as Viewsonic are concerned thats not their problem!
Seems that the warranty is useless & it's not even into it's 1st year!

  freaky 16:35 21 Aug 2007

Well I'm OK as my replacement arrived 2 hours ago, but thats no consolation for you.

I'm sorry to hear of your experience especially as PCA have given Viewsonic good ratings.

IIyama have a company in the UK called IIYAMA Swap Service UK.....these are the people who arranged the replacement for me.

Perhaps Trading Standards could help you, or possibly the Forum FE ?

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