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  Denzil056 12:48 25 Oct 2012

So looking to buy a monitor for my new setup, using an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 gpu. this is the monitor:

Was also wondering why it doesn't say what refresh rate it has, i'm pretty new to buying monitors so that might be a stupid question.

  [email protected] 19:12 25 Oct 2012

Here is a very in depth review of monitor if you have not already seen it.

The official website lists it refresh rate as 60-75Hz. I wouldn't worry too much about that though; Windows will automatically set the refresh rate (probably to 60Hz) which will be fine. LCDs do not suffer from flicker like the old CRTs did.

  [email protected] 19:17 25 Oct 2012

It's also worth pointing out that choosing a monitor by comparing specs holds little value. The only important specs you can rely on are:



Panel Type (IPS is the generally the best, and that is what you have chosen).

All of the other specs are measured by such flawed methods that they are practically meaningless. The only way to judge one is to either read a proper review (one by someone with dedicated testing equipment), or to try them out yourself for real.

Customer reviews hold some value, but you'll find most people will rate their own model highly (unless there is something drastically wrong with it) as they have nothing else to compare it to.

  woodchip 22:06 25 Oct 2012

If I was Paying that kind of money It would need to be able to Talk To Me. Where is the touch screen bit, that's needed for new technology.

I use a 32" Led TV as a monitor on one of my pc's

  Denzil056 22:16 25 Oct 2012

The thing is, for my setup at the moment i have a AOC i2352Vh monitor. This has a 60hz refresh rate. This means when i am on WoW the screen "tears" a lot. If i set vertical sync on the game caps fps at about 60. This means instead of being at around 100fps and sometimes dropping to about 70 it is at 60 fps and sometimes drops to about 30, which you can notice in game. I want to make sure I get a monitor that can take advantage of my GTX 680, preferably 27 inch and as cheap as possible, obviously it isn't going to be really cheap but just the lowest possible price that meets what I want

  [email protected] 11:56 26 Oct 2012

The first thing you'd have to check is whether World of Warcraft supports 75Hz. The computer I'm on at the moment blocks all the websites I've tried to check unfortunately. I'm not sure how vSync would work with 75Hz - it works by limiting the FPS to factor of 2^x of your refresh rate, i.e. for 60HZ it can use 60, 30, 15 etc. As 75 is an odd number, I'd imagine it may cause a problem if the FPS ever drops below 75.

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