views on base unit mesh matrix 64 3400 X-BPC

  epaticus 19:05 05 May 2004

I am upgrading my base unit and i am interested in the above unit as reviewed in this months mag i have dropped the monitor and changed the speakers to I-Trigue 2.1 3300 i been quoted £970 all in and would be most grateful for any other setups for a simlar price. I have been a silent follower of the forums since november so i know any advice will be execellent. I will be mainly using the unit for gaming and digital photos.Does anyone think i should get a tft bundle with a the new pc or should i wait for prices to fall a bit more. Also looking at Mesh i am a little bit worried about using them as there name does pop up a lot Cheers anyway

  johnnyrocker 19:14 05 May 2004

click here build to spec


  byfordr 21:12 05 May 2004

Theres some good deals on TFTs around at the moment. CRTs are still the king for games etc, but the new TFT screens are getting better. The support at Mesh has got a lot better. Theres a guy called Davey who monitors the forums, and sorts problems out a lot quicker than by normal means.

Personally I would say excellent graphics card. Decent screen (Nice for gaming)Good sound card. Good speakers (if you want multiple) If not the 3300 are good (not so keen on the remote myself)If not these are good click here Upgrade the memory to 1gb (you'll appreciate the difference!)

Failing that click here are worth checking out... Just picked up one of these for my uncle click here uprated to 1gb of memory, xp3000 processor absolutely flys! 5500 in the 3d 03 benchmark click here

  carver 22:29 05 May 2004

On this site you have nearly 140,000 registered users so if you get one a week complaining about Mesh it isn't a lot. As for the price of TFT monitors they could go up if demand is high, so the best advice is to buy the one you want.

  HXP 22:53 05 May 2004

I recently brought a Mesh base unit AMD64 3.2 1gb ram and Nvidia 5950 Ultra video card, 160Gb HDD Sony DVD writer, Sound card , no speakers or monitor.

It's a fast machine and I am happy with the build quality and ( after a few problems) the after sales support.

I have owned 2 carrera machines previously and again was happy with those.

If you are planning to use the machine for gaming try and go for the best graphics card you can combined with the fastest processor and at least 512mb ram.

Sound and HDD can always be ugraded later and I would rather go for the best 'base build' and add to the system later.

I couldn't stretch to a new monitor and stuck with my 17" CRT.

All in all very happy with the package and any similar spec should meet your needs

All the other advice here is sound as well so taking everyone's comments on board you should get a god machine.


  epaticus 18:54 06 May 2004

cheers for all the advice as normal its top notch also i think the forums are really good source of info, keep up the good work!

  fishyfingers 10:53 07 May 2004

I've read a lot of people who feel that TFT's are still beaten when it comes to games and I have to disagree. My recent Mesh PC came with a 19" TFT and it looks fantastic in games. UT2004 rocks!

I also came here a few weeks back, before I bought the PC. There certainly seems to be a lot of posts about Mesh than other companies. But from what I could tell, the Mesh ones all got responded to and the problems soon resolved. That to me seemed like a good thing. A few of the other companies I looked at might get less posts but I don't recall them responding all that often.

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