Video Editing - Buying advice

  Silver Surfer 21:37 19 Jan 2003
  Silver Surfer 21:37 19 Jan 2003

I am looking at buying a video editing package costing between £50 and £90.
I have read about Pinnacle Studio 8 being a little unstable - any comments and any other packages I should consider.

  Rtus 21:59 19 Jan 2003

instability is usually due to the mix of software/hardware combinations.or having too much running for it to cope.....I use Studio 7 for analogue editing..But do consider its important to have the hard ware available too (additional hard drive storage + Cdrw drive/Dvdrw etc and enough ram to cope.Ideally putting the editing software on its own O/S and dual booting makes life easier .but not entirely necessary..

  scotty 10:50 20 Jan 2003

I use an OEM version of Pinnacle 8 (OEM is a cut down version) and find it easy to use and quite stable. I only use fairly basic features of the software (arranging and trimming clips, adding titles and simple transitions).

I have read many reports of people having problems with the full version. Pinnacle bring out updates and are responsive to feedback. I understand they rushed out v8 and it has many bugs. It is highly likely that future releases will improve stability.

Can you tell us more about what you plan to do and what hardware you have so we can give you better advice?

  Aspman 10:52 20 Jan 2003

I've heard some good things about the Pinnacle products. They seem to be a good value way of getting started.

  Silver Surfer 14:02 20 Jan 2003

Thanks for the responses rec'd, to answer scotty's question about intended use and hardware - I have just got a new computer P4 2.5, with 512mb ram, 80gb hard disk and a dvd+rw drive.
I want to edit the family videos - so I have no intentions, for the moment, to do any sophisticated editing.

  scotty 15:02 20 Jan 2003

Well your pc should be up to the task! Only concern will be the solitary disc drive. It is normally suggested that you have a drive with the operating system and another for editing but I know of many people who successfully edit on the system drive so you should be OK. One thing to check - disc should spin at 7200rpm.

One area where Studio 8 is weak is the writing to DVD. I have no experience of this so I cannot comment. Check out the forum on the Pinnacle site
click here.

What type of camera/tapes do you use? Do you use a Firewire connection to the camera? If it is not a digital camera, you will need extra hardware to capture the video.

  MichelleC 16:06 20 Jan 2003

Ulead and Sonic Foundry also do good editing suites. Or Magix click here

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