video card upgrade reasonable?

  StephenRogers 19:06 05 Dec 2006

so, we've got a PC which had 512 meg of RAM, an Athlon 2.4 gig processor, about 200 gig hard drive,

In Spring of this year,2006,It became an unhappy bunny, so we took it to our local shop, who diagnosed the problem as the video card, which they offered to replace.

We told them that we played games on the computer, and they put in an ATI/Radeon 9200 card, telling us that it would do what we wanted it to.

Now, whilst it would have been wise for me to have done a bit of research as to whether that was an appropriate card, I now find, 6 months down the line, that I am going to have to put in another new card to run a game my partner's son just got for his birthday (Company of Heroes - needs at least Radeon 9500)

My question is this:
Was it reasonable for the shop to have recommended and installed that card in a machine used for gaming at that time?


  citadel 19:20 05 Dec 2006

9200 was bottom of range I hope you did not pay too much for it. as youare already with ati it is better to stick with them. a x1650pro about £80 should do. I would also add anther 512 of ram as modern games really need it.

  StephenRogers 19:30 05 Dec 2006

So do you think there's any mileage in going back to the shop and asking for a very very good deal because the card wasn't really fit for purpose?

we've now got 786 meg of ram (one of the 2 256 sticks had failed, both glued in, so the shop were nervous about getting them out in case they damage the board, so they put in 512 in the spare slot)

  citadel 20:01 05 Dec 2006

9200 was capable of gaming, slowly compared with other cards in the range. I do not know what you mean by the ram being glued in as ram just slots in an is held in place by a retainer at each end. as for the graphics card you need to know whether you have a agp slot or a pci express slot on the motherboard. agp versions of x1650 tend to be more expensive.

  StephenRogers 10:06 06 Dec 2006


apparently when the system was built everything was glued in, so, for example; the RAM is glued in even though the retainers are there. Makes upgrading a bit tricky, apparently.

Is there a way I can check what kind of slots I've got without opening the box?

  [email protected] 10:31 06 Dec 2006

i would think about having a word with whoever sold you the pc, how are you meant to upgrade if "everything is glued in"?

  StephenRogers 10:35 06 Dec 2006

...although it was 6 years ago so other than letting them know that it is frustrating and suggesting they don't do it anymore, I can't see what good would come of it.

I'm going to close this now and concentrate on my thread in the helproom to find out what to upgrade to

cheers all

  StephenRogers 10:47 06 Dec 2006

I bought the system from poweroid computers, also known as Best Price
click here

There doesn't seem to be any way of contacting them on the site, and they don't seem to be selling anything - has anyone heard anything from them in recent years?

  phoenix198 15:26 06 Dec 2006

Could be wrong, but I think that Poweroid 'succumbed to market forces' a year or two ago.

By 'glued in' do you mean that the RAM has a rubbery seal along its edge(s), a little bit like the spots of rubber-like glue that PC magazines used to attach CD covermounts? I remember a PC I had using that to secure the molex and IDE connectors into the hard drive and optical drives. You can pick or peel that off with no ill effects.

That said, six years of heat and ageing (sp?) could have hardened and cured it into a permanent seal ...

  keef66 10:48 07 Dec 2006

My Multivision (also gone bust) pc had it's cards and cables (but not the memory)glued in, presumably to stop them working loose in transit. I've dismantled virtually every component in the 5 years I've had it, and the glue is easily picked off, especially when the thing's been running for a while and warmed up the case contents first.

9200 not fit for purpose? Depends on how explicit you were about the kind of games you wished to play and at what level of detail etc. Also did you set a price limit?
If it was my shop at the time I'd probably have recommended a 6600gt for about £90 as a good compromise between cost and performance

  StephenRogers 20:59 07 Dec 2006

I've come to see the 9200 as being not perhaps the ideal suggestion at the time, but not too unreasonable either - I'm doing a bit more research this time around.

I don't know about the glue as I've not been brave enough to open the box myself, but it's good to hear that it may well be easy to peel off.

cheers all

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