Video card for Evesham base

  Cal 13:32 02 Dec 2006

I am on the verge of ordering an Evesham Solar Base 7000 click here

but would be grateful of anyones opinion on which video card to select.

I will spec the Intel Core 2 Duo processor E6700 but do not really want to spend £300+ on the video card if I can help it.

My system will mostly be used for business purposes probably with a small amount of video editing and a fair amount of Call of Duty 2 use.

Thoughts appreciated.

  vinnyT 14:50 02 Dec 2006

The 512MB DDR NVIDIA 7900GTX PCI-Express Graphics [£229.99] will suit your purposes fine, and will be good for the next years worth of games.

Having said that, the 640MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce PX8800GTS PCI-E Graphics [£229.99], is the same price as the 7900gtx, but has support for directx 10 (coming in vista, next year).

On the whole, I think I would go for the 8800gts (though do some research on this card as I have not seen any reviews of the 8800gts, only the 8800gtx, so cannot say how the card stacks up to the gtx version).

  skeletal 18:50 02 Dec 2006

Cal: I ordered a Solar last week and something I noticed was you could “play tunes” with the various systems they offer. By starting with a PC Pro Solar Visto RD and adding/subtracting all the options I ended up with a PC having the same spec as a Solar Base 7000 (plus/minus its options), but costing nearly £200 less!

I live near to an Evesham shop so went there to buy it...and ask why the difference in price. They were surprised themselves, but seemed to think it was because the 7000 has interest free finance (which suggests the finance package actually costs the £200).

I also decided to go mad and have the 8800GTX option, because the way my system ended up, it was only slightly higher than a much poorer card.

They were going to point out the price discrepancy to management, so it may have gone now (sorry!!!), but I’d certainly advise you to try all the combinations. I can’t face doing it for you...I spent hours last week playing!

Of course, you may wish to have finance etc etc, but it's worth a try.


  vinnyT 20:38 02 Dec 2006

Good find skeletal, and good choice on the 8800gtx, screamer of a card.

  Cal 02:10 03 Dec 2006

Thanks for your opinions, I'll read up a bit more on this later today when I feel a bit more spritely and then come back here.


  Cal 22:27 04 Dec 2006

What the hell!
Took the plunge and decided to go for the 8800gtx.
Coupled with the Intel E6700 it should fly and after all it should last me a couple of years anyway.


  vinnyT 13:11 05 Dec 2006

Good choice, enjoy it.

  skeletal 18:33 05 Dec 2006

ooh yes! Only a few days before mine arrives!

Let's hope they live up to expectations. I think the 8800GTX is a good choice as it won't be long before you'll need a DirectX 10 card.


  northenstar 12:08 02 Jan 2007

How did you guys get on with these Evesham PCs ?

  skeletal 17:32 02 Jan 2007

To summarise the PMs for the benefit of any other forum member who may have an interest:

I’m getting on fine with the PC and I did have the 8800GTX graphics card.

I was mildly annoyed with Evesham because the PC was a bit overdue (nothing like the stories you read about other suppliers though). They were very apologetic and got everything sorted. I think they were getting a bit overloaded as Xmas approached. I had read in a another thread about someone whose Evesham came a few days early, which made it worse! To be fair, I repeat I was only slightly irritated.

As far as I can tell, the PSU is happy with the card. I ought to open the case to look at everything, but in these first few weeks I don’t want to (there is a seal on it) as if anything goes wrong it is much easier to show it is not my fault.

There are numerous fans, but it runs much quieter than my old PC.

An example of speed on one of the most demanding games you can get: X3 The Reunion.

Start screen 86 (2) fps
Large group fighting 15-25 (3-4) fps

Original system (fps in brackets above): AMD 2700XP + 9600XT graphics card. The above is with everything turned on to highest quality. (I used to play with a lot turned off obviously.) Screen res 1680 x 1050 widescreen.

Obviously, if you don’t know the game you won’t realise what it does, but the comparison of numbers tells the tale. Note that the GTX has the ability to handle the graphics with lightning speed, the fighting numbers are low because the game is CPU limited. A core duo E6700 is simply too weedy!!!! I’ll just have to wait until we get 128 cores, and have games capable of running on 128 threads to match!

There is a minor graphics glitch that I think may be a driver issue. The X series don’t seem to get the same attention as things like Doom though, so we may not see a change. Not enough to spoil things though.

You get a “ticket” that lets you upgrade to Vista for about £15. I have registered for this, and should get a disk at the end of Jan.

It has been on all day, for most days for the last couple of weeks without a hitch (fingers crossed!) apart from the usual hassle of installing millions of software/data files from the old computer.

I chose 2G RAM which added just over £100. I also had a cheap(ish) sound card. Not that I really need it, but a peculiarity of X3 is that even with huge amounts of performance available, a separate sound card makes a big difference.

I actually didn’t buy the monitor from Evesham because they did not supply the one I fancied which is the Samsung 215TW:

click here

I got it from More:

click here

Like many computers these days, it comes with a wireless keyboard/mouse. I’m not sure I like them. The cursor sometimes moves slightly even when I don’t touch it and the key board is not quite the right shape...but this is minor and a personal choice of course.


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