vhs recorders

  fitcher 19:10 21 Nov 2009

can any one tell me why stores are selling the old type vhs recorders with out warning people that they can not now record off digital tv

older people are unaware

ok they can still play ok, but they could add a part to make them digitaly viable .

  Pamy 19:26 21 Nov 2009

But they can

  sharpamat 19:54 21 Nov 2009

than can still record useing a Digibox on the aerial connector but only on the channel the digibox is tuned to

  BT 08:22 22 Nov 2009

Or even through a Scart connection. I've been doing it for years. Obviously they won't be able to use the analogue tuner after the Digital changeover but they will still be able to accept an input from a Freeview,Cable or Sky box.

  De Nada 14:59 22 Nov 2009

Not sure if you can buy new,heres some

click here

  Hercule Marple 15:48 22 Nov 2009

Has something changed, then? I've been recording programmes off digital Freeview channels onto VHS tapes for nearly the last decade. Sure, you can't watch one channel and record a different one, but you can still record them.

  BT 08:22 23 Nov 2009

Still a few around. Argos and Comet have one.

  sunnystaines 08:30 23 Nov 2009

we have an old video and it records off sky ok

  blazon 82 10:50 23 Nov 2009

If you have a Digibox for the recorder and a separate one for the TV you can watch one channel and record another.

  fitcher 14:37 23 Nov 2009

I found my old vhs only tunes in to five analogue channells.. but on sky,, you say (no sky)it will,,but my new tv has a built in digital tuner,, so are you saying that i can also have a digi box together with my tv.s digital inside tuner?
I could record of the five analogue stations untill turn over . but the analouge vhs wont tune into the 30.or so channels on free view,,, any way thanks every one I will close it now ..
useing a station say tuned to 9 on the analogue vhs .and getting the digital to pick up from an outside source I cant get to work..I had believed one would need to buy a digital converter for the vhs to record . thanks again .


  natdoor 15:58 23 Nov 2009

Some, if not all, TVs will provide video out via a scart socket, I believe. If so, you can record from that source on your VHS recorder without another STB but only the channel being displayed on the TV.

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