VHS to DVD Can anyone offer advice on what to buy?

  Alison46 14:37 20 Sep 2008

I've been looking at products like EZ Grabber and KWorld DVD Maker as I want to transfer my old VHS videos onto DVD. The reviews are very mixed. Not sure what to do now. Can anyone offer some advice? Cheers

  ICF 15:43 20 Sep 2008

Buy a dvd recorder

  kidsis 16:04 20 Sep 2008

must say I agree with ICF. I was advised that going via the computer route the transfer procedure takes quite a long time. Mind you I don't have the best spec'd computer! In the end I got the sony 870 dvd recorder in a sale.

  Condom 19:19 20 Sep 2008

I bought a cheap Samsung DVD recorder which also has the facility to play and copy VHS to DVD. It records DVD's wonderfully well and also makes quite good copies of the VHS tapes. Only problem I have is trying to edit the DVD disks as the type of MP2 (I think) the DVD's are finished in, is not recognised by Windows Movie Maker

  Sandyums 09:03 21 Sep 2008

Hi I have been there the easyest way is buy Video DVD, £50 Ebay, transfer then use the computer to modify your DVD.

  Alison46 09:58 21 Sep 2008

Thanks to everyone who responded. I'll take your advice and buy a DVD recorded on e-Bay. One more question though, will any DVD recorder be able to copy from a VCR?

  Sandyums 10:12 21 Sep 2008

I purchased a DVD/VCR recorder combie, Daewoo from Ebay £50 new, still sealed.
Was a bit fiddley to set up but once running all you do is, put in DVD, machine reads it, once reconised, put in video press one button, "marked video to DVD" done so so simple.
then transer your movies etc to Computer using the DVD.

  TopCat® 15:10 21 Sep 2008

'how to do it' article on page 126 of PCA's latest magazine, issue 160. Carrie-Ann Skinner lists all the requirements needed and full instructions on how to move VHS tape material onto digital disc. TC.

  Kevscar1 15:32 21 Sep 2008

Aslong as the DVD recorder has a record from screen facility it will.
Mines a samsung DVD-R122 scart lead from there to TV and one from VCR to TV.

  Kevscar1 15:35 21 Sep 2008

Alternatively got told on 8th Aug I won a copy of
Magix Rescue Your Videotapes in the PCA Broadband survey. Hasn't arrived yet but if you are in no hurry wait until I get it and I'll tell you what it's like to use.

  Alison46 15:43 21 Sep 2008

Thanks guys,
I'll have a look at the article and I would also be very interested in hearing about the Magix Rescue... Will buy a 2nd hand dvd/vcr combi if I have to but really don't want another lump of equipment. Just spent months getting rid of stuff and buying integrated equipment. Unfortunately not with DVD recording!!

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