Very Unhappy With Sony - Have a look at this ED!

  BigMoFoT 20:54 28 Apr 2003

I've had my Sony DVD Writer model DRU500ax for about 6 weeks (waited 2 month for it!) and paid nearly £300 for it. Unforuantley it started playing up, spitting disks out half way through a burn with medium errors, so I changed my media, updated the firmware but still no joy, even put it in my mates PC (who has the same drive with no problems!) and it did the same. Time to get it sorted. So I rang Scan (bought it from them) and they didn't want to know! "Sorry you'll have to ring Sony" was the reply. Well what a farce that was! I was given a number by Scan, they told me to ring Scan back, Scan then said they are under instruction from Sony not to provide any support and refer back to them! Got another number for Sony Vaio who gave me an international free phone number for Belgium...
After numerous stern messages left I was eventually called by a Customer Service Manager at Sony Vaio who said they would replace the drive. So I gave them the details regarding the fault.."No problem send it to us and we'll replace it" was the response..Wait for it at my cost via courier plus insurance, intial quotes were about £60 by this time I was really peaved..

Anyway I'm sending an item back that I've had for 6 weeks at a cost of nearly 300 quid and I have to pay courier - not happy!

Is there anything I can do and why couldn't Scan sort it?

  rickf 21:08 28 Apr 2003

I understand your contract is with Scan and in law they should really sort it out.

  Goldcroft 21:45 28 Apr 2003

rickf is correct. Legally Scan have to deal. Quote the sale of goods act to them. They have no right to pass the buck.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:48 28 Apr 2003

Scan are fobbing you off. Consumer law is quite clear and it is their responsibility as the purveyors. Phone trading standards for clarification and then phone Scan asking to speak to the Customer Service manager.


  Goldcroft 21:50 28 Apr 2003

See earlier posting at 2000 hours entitled Need Help with Sale of Goods Act. See Gandalf has confirmed situation. We have had many threads on this subject and a search would provide more detailed info re the Act etc.

  beeuuem 21:53 28 Apr 2003

Scan are responsible. It may be quicker and easier to deal with the manufacturer, but the retailer is liable for the quality of the goods that they sell.

From click here a useful site as is click here
Q6 on the latter link also refers to your case.

"I have just purchased a product that is faulty. Is it the manufacturer's responsibility to rectify any faults?"
Usually no! The manufacturer will only have liability if the goods are covered by a guarantee, and then only if the guarantees the fault in question. The law considers that the seller of the goods is always liable for breaches of contract, such as goods being faulty, so, even if there is a guarantee, the seller must rectify the faults if you ask him to. In some other exceptional circumstances, the manufacturer may be liable, e.g. if you are injured by an unsafe product, or if the manufacturer was negligent. If you suspect this, get some further advice.

  Forum Editor 22:17 28 Apr 2003

this is very straightforward as far as the legalities go:

Scan are responsible to you for the faulty drive, and under no circumstances whatsoever should you deal directly with Sony UNLESS you prefer to do so.

Do not send the drive back to Sony - tell Scan that you are rejecting the drive as not being fit for the purpose for which it was sold. Say that you want a replacement - or a full refund, and say it in writing. Do not agree to wait while the drive is returned to Sony for repair or assessment - you don't have to.

  H-J 23:07 28 Apr 2003

I did hear a rumour that Time were knocking out dvd-rw drives for @ £200. I had a look on their website but can't find it. might want to give them a call. mind you, if that ever went pear shaped then you might have just as much grief on the phone trying to sort it as you are having with scan.

  BigMoFoT 19:33 29 Apr 2003

Thanks a lot guys - things are progressing.

Oh and regarding the DVD writer offered by Time it is only single format (DVD-R) and is only available as OEM so no extra bits of software/cables/etc...

  snoresloudly 19:45 29 Apr 2003

Might try here click here for some good dvd-rw's they all come with cables etc and a bit cheaper too!!

  ajm 18:29 18 Dec 2003

My local PC World Staples are selling the new Sony DRU510AX for £129.99....get them while they are cheap!!!!

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