Very annoyed with Tiscali

  rawprawn 17:39 09 Jul 2007

I have been on 8mb max with Tiscali for about 2 years, and I have had no complaints. However recently my download speeds gradually dropped from between 3.5mb and 6mb to below 1mb. I complained, nothing improved. I complained again and was told that they would look into it and phone within 3 days. Nothing happened,I decided enough was enough and asked for and got a MAC Code which I have implemented with BT.
My speeds are now back up to what they were at best, Suspicious or what??? do they think that they can get away with gradually reducing your connection speeds and still charge full price?
I was very happy to continue with Tiscali but this annoys me!
I change over on Thursday, I can only hope BT is better.

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