Vertical Blinds removal.

  birdface 22:53 06 Oct 2011

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but was not sure where to post it.

My son has vertical blind in his living room which are beginning to come loose where screwed into the wall.

Now I have to take them down to fix them and they seem to be held by about 5 clips with screws going through them.

Are the clips easy to remove and do you just prize them open using a screwdriver or is there an easy way of doing it.

Never had vertical blinds myself so not sure how easy it is.

Thanks in Advance.

  birdface 23:19 06 Oct 2011

It's Ok just watched a video of how to install them and it looks like there is a catch at the back that you press to release them.

So lets hope it is as easy as that when I try it tomorrow,

  wiz-king 06:30 07 Oct 2011

You should be sitting in a nice comfortable armchair with coffee and biscuits ready to give advice if needed - not doing the work! Your apprentice (son) wont learn if you do the work. grin

  birdface 08:21 07 Oct 2011


I have to agree with you but when it comes to DIY he is useless.

Having a sort of bad runs at the moment. 1st was the blinds.2nd was my daughters monitor that keeps closing the picture with a dark grey mist.

And 3rd going home in the car my windscreen wipers packed in.

So no rest for me today.

Maybe I should have stayed in bed for the rest of the day just in case anything else happens.

  birdface 08:59 07 Oct 2011

Forgot Number 4.

Picked up a loan computer that my son borrowed [less than 1yr old] And did he not try and yank out the ethernet cable without unclicking it and has done a fair bit of damage to it. Not sure if it will work again but that is job number 4 for me today.

The other half is up in Scotland till the end of next week so add cooking cleaning shopping washing forget about the dusting that can wait.

Great being retired.

  v1asco 09:47 07 Oct 2011

It is that easy, just make sure they are all lined up first.

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