variation on an earlier thread re customs charges

  mikeben121 21:45 23 Oct 2007

Earlier someone mentioned about custom charges for an update disk.

My problem is different. I had problems with a MAxtor Shared Storage System II bought in the UK. I send it back to Seagate in Coventry (Maxtor was bought by Seagate) who promptly lost it for a couple of weeks.

Anyhow they found it and sent me a replacement from Holland.

Included is a customs invoice for £16.

1) Surely there isn't customs charges to pay for things from within the EU (unless it came from a bonded warehouse).

2) why the h*** should I pay these charges for something that should have been sent from within the UK?

Any ideas on legal issues etc?

  Totally-braindead 22:33 23 Oct 2007

I don't know what the legal issues are on this. I don't see why you should have to pay any charges on it at all personally, if there is some sort of charge then I feel Maxtor should pay it. Your drive was still under guarantee I presume and therefore you are covered as far as I am concerned. I would contact Maxtor by email and explain to them you have this charge and see no reason you should have to pay it as you bought the original product in the UK and its not your fault they chose to send you a replacement from overseas. I can't see they have a leg to stand on as you're not going to say that they have no equivalent drives actually in the UK are you?

I did have a faulty drive that had to go back to Holland for repair or replacement once. It was picked up by carrier from my house and delivered to Holland, a new one was sent to me again at no cost and there were no customs charges or anything like it. Perhaps I was lucky?

  mikeben121 10:34 24 Oct 2007

Checked again and the charge is is dollars. I'm guessing it was in a bonded warehouse in Holland.

I don't know how they expect to collect the charge, they have no credit card details or anything.

I will see how it goes, if they start demanding money etc. It will cost them a lot more than £8 to collect it so I guess they'll just write it off. They may be hoping I'll just send a cheque! What a vain hope!

  Quiet Life 14:59 24 Oct 2007

Had a faulty Hitachi drive which was replaced . Invoice with the drive was from Hitachi Thailand with Customer as Hitachi Holland and I was shown as the Ship to Address. There was a value in US dollars for custom purposes only .
Terms of Delivery were stated as DDP-Delivered Duty Paid.
I would think that it is an error and it is Seagates problem. Masterly inactivity "see how it goes" seems the best approach.

  Totally-braindead 17:24 24 Oct 2007

As I said earlier I would email Maxtor and explain the situation. I have no idea how you are meant to pay this charge, presuming you would decide to, but if it is actually a proper bill I wouldn't just ignore it. At least if you contact Maxtor and they tell you to ignore it or whatever if something does happen in the future you can have a printed copy of their reply and hand that across in your defense.
Personally I think its some sort of mistake. I cannot see how you could be liable for any charge and think its more likely that Maxtor have mucked up the labelling. Perhaps it was meant to have a label on it saying that VAT was not due on this item because of..... whatever.
I would still email Maxtor and ask them though.

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