Vantage Eclipse recomended, but does it exist?

  Grey Area 00:04 10 Nov 2006

Looking for a new PC I was interested in the PC advisor review of PCs for £500 in the December issue.

The Vantage Eclipse had an extended warranty, which prompted me to look on the website, where I could find no such product.

Having read some comments on vantage customer service, my interest has cooled, but it's still disappointing that you can't buy a recomended product.

PS. in general what do people think about ordering a PC in late November to be built in time for Xmas?

  Totally-braindead 10:53 10 Nov 2006

I would be hesitant of ordering in late November for Xmas. It should be ok but you must realise, hence your question, that many people may do the same thing.
If its a standard PC and the parts are readily available then there shouldn't be a problem but things do happen out with the control of the PC builder.
If in doubt then perhaps look at the likes of PC Worlds ready buit branded PCs as you can buy one there and then and walk out with it.
Whatever you buy though make sure it has either an AGP slot or a PCI Express slot for the graphics as I feel rather sorry for people who buy a lovely PC only to find it won't play a game and the graphics are stuck to onboard.

  Grey Area 12:51 11 Nov 2006

Thanks for the advice, I think it might be better to go for shop bought than risk an upset wife having nothing to open on Xmas day.

Speaking of the fairer sex, i notice that PC world are pushing 19" monitors for most of their stock, presumably aiming for a "doesn't that look nice" response from the ladies, regardless of the capability of the underlying PC.

  Forum Editor 13:42 11 Nov 2006

Forgive me, but don't you think your comment about 'the ladies' is just a teeny bit silly?

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