Vantage - any good?

  TIMSMITH 19:08 05 Feb 2006

I'm considering buying a Vantage desktop PC for just under £1,000 and have found a very well spec'd custom-built one but I can't find much info on the company. There were early threads on this forum from people who were about to buy around Christmas time. Just wondered if they or any one else might enlighten me as to the build quality and after sales service of this company.

  Desert Rat 20:27 05 Feb 2006

Another one waitng for some feedback on Vantage. On the surface of it, they certainly seem attractive but would like some feedback from those who purchased around Christams. One of the best sites that I have seen for building a custom machine but would like to know how others have fared.

  pipjay 10:18 07 Mar 2006

I purchased a made to order vantage computer. I have no complaints whats so ever. excellent customer service. The components are excellent. Granted its only be a week or so but I have to say Im impressed so far.

  Madalicesdad 10:32 12 Mar 2006

Despite reading a couple of bad reports on the forums (find me a company that doesn't!), the fact that Vantage took the time to reply to them made up my mind and I ordered a £700 custom build from them on 21 Feb.

My only real gripe with the ordering was that the 5-7 day build in the options is stated at 7-10 when you've ordered it! In my case, the item was despatched at end of day 10, and delivery was within 24 hours.

I'm very happy with the system, although there were two minor problems with it on receipt:

One of the DVD drives had been pushed too far into the case such that it would not open. Easy to rectify but it had damaged the front bezel. A call and email with photos to the customer service people and a new bezel is in the post.

More worrying was that whilst fixing the DVD problem (with the case open), I noticed the cooling fan in the case was not connected, again easy to fix.

Despite the minor problems I got exactly the spec I wanted and for over £50 less than a compromise system: I'm happy.

Whilst it would have been nice not to have had the problems, I have confidence in the customer service and would recommend Vantage to anyone.


  Starfox 13:19 12 Mar 2006

Not had any dealings with them myself but my friend bought one of their pc's for himself for Christmas and well impressed he is with it.

He got the Vantage Nitro to use mainly as a games machine and it really is a nice piece of equipment, well made from quality components and works like a dream straight out of the box. His only complaint was that delivery was delayed by a few days but he says that because it is such a great pc he can forgive them for that.

Hope this helps.

  Desert Rat 16:42 12 Mar 2006

Received my Vantage last week and am extremely pleased with it. Only one business day late in delivery which was of no importance. Worked right out of the box, was what I ordered, and lives up to all expectations. Particularly like the documentation, and the full XP CD that came with it. Other than a single call to Customer Services made just after placing the order, have had no need to contact them. That one call was promptly answered and my query dealt with.

  Virginia Slim 14:08 27 Jul 2006

I ordered custom PC on Monday 10.07.2006 and paid for "speedy" 5-7 build. My card was debited immediately, but I am still waiting for PC as at 27.07. Was told in email last week (21.07) that extra cost for fast build would be refunded and hopefully system would be despatched early the next week. Phoned today 27.07 and was told the same again. This now comfortably exceeds their quoted standard build time! Does not exactly inspire confidence!
It would probably be more beneficial to quote a realistic date at the at the time of ordering.

  UncleP 12:48 28 Jul 2006

I bought an inexpensive custom-built model from Vantage for my daughter's family for Christmas, and asked that we should both be notified of the delivery date. They were happy to do this; it came exactly on time and I had it assembled and connected to BT Broadband by the evening.

As the family is not particularly computer literate, and contains three young boys, I had expected to spend a fair amount of time maintaining the machine. But after some initial advice on what to do and what to avoid there have been very few problems (keeping sticky fingers away from their favourite CDs was one!).

It's mainly used for music, photos and using the Internet to find activities and attractions for the kids, so nothing very demanding. My daughter has told me that they have contacted Vantage for advice, mainly on the possibilities for up-grading the machine, on a number of occasions and always felt that they have received helpful, friendly advice.

  Tiger 2 14:35 31 Jul 2006

Email me for the whole sorry saga. [email protected]

  Jaywat 08:33 16 Aug 2006

No... don't use Vantage!

To cut a very long story short:

I ordered a custom PC for £2700+ on 29th June. They charged my credit card same day. All over their website it says 7 to 10 days build and deliver time.

Numerous attempts to contact them after this period had come and gone went ignored - they dont even pick up their SALES LINE phone half the time! Eventually, on 20th July, they communicated that they couldnt yet supply the system, and I was given the choice of up or downgrading or waiting. I said I would wait IF their estimate that it would be ready the following week was accurate. It wasn't. I tried contacting them several more times.

When they did reply, on 3rd August, I cancelled my order at their suggestion, and asked for an immediate refund - since they'd had my money over a month, I was about to start paying interest on cash I hadn't actually spent. They said it would take 3-5 days and that was 'down to my cc company'.

It's now the 16th August, and my CC company inform me I have not received a refund and one is not pending.

My attempts to contact them all this week have been ignored, and they still haven't processed the refund. So I'm out £2700+, more since I have to start paying interest now, while going through the motions of disputing the sale with my cc company, and nearly 2 months after I wanted one, I still have no pc!

So yes, I'd advise you don't use Vantage!

  VantageComputers 12:04 29 Aug 2006


I noticed your forum listing saying that you had problems with Vantage Computers in the past and to email you for further information, I was hoping that you may be able to let me know the difficulty you experienced with Vantage either in the forum or directly by email if you prefer so that we may be able to offer assistance if possible.

I have searched for your email address through the customer database and have unfortunately been unable to locate this email address as having placed an order with Vantage so can't locate any previous correspondence this may refer to.

I can see you appear to feel you have had a bad experience and we would obviously like the opportunity to remedy this if possible.

Kind Regards

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