Vaio problem

  reuben4 01:12 28 Jun 2008

I bought a vaio notebook just over 3 months ago from comet and have experienced a few issues..
On the day of purchase I noticed that the grille above the keyboard was bent, contacted comet the following day and returned the item (60mile trip) receiving the same model in exchange, the notebook then worked faultlessly for 2 1/2 months. It then occasionally failed to power up (lights, but no action) one of the 3 usb ports failed and the date and time kept randomly changing... said item was picked up by sony, repaired and returned in 6 days!! hardware replaced and also software reinstalled, I have now had the notebook back for 3 days it has alreadly failed to boot up and the date and time has also changed!! whilst the faults are minor the notebook was expensive and I am reluctant to keep returning it for service, would I be likely to recieve an exchange 3 months from purchase or am I to just keep returning it for repair until the fault is resolved or the warranty expires? any help would be most appreciated

  Forum Editor 08:39 28 Jun 2008

did Comet do it, or did they advise you to contact Sony yourself?

Under current consumer legislation any fault which manifests itself within six months of the day of purchase is deemed to have existed on the day of purchase, unless the retailer can prove otherwise. This means that Comet must either repair the machine within a reasonable time frame, or provide you with a new machine.

problems can creep in once you take on any responsibility for dealing directly with the manufacturer. Any work that Sony do is carried out under the terms of their warranty, and is an entirely separate matter from your contract with Comet.

I suggest that you tell Comet you want a fully-functioning computer. Say that the repair carried out by Sony has not been successful - the machine has failed again, three days after its return. tell them that you are rejecting this computer as not conforming to contract under the terms of the Sale of Goods act 1979, and that you want a replacement. Be prepared to meet with resistance - Comet will almost certainly want Sony to take the computer back yet again. You'll have to play this as you go along, but make it quite clear that you are rejecting the machine - use the word.

The law doesn't define what is a reasonable time for the rejection of goods, but the shorter the interval between purchase or rejection the better. That's why I mentioned resistance - Comet may well take the view that three and a half months is too long. You'll need to be firm but polite - diplomacy usually works better than aggression in these circumstances.

Let us know how you get on.

  spuds 10:38 28 Jun 2008

I wish you well on resolving this issue, mainly because I have dealt with Comet customer services and their store management in my particular location, on two occasions. I no longer use this company, and will never do so in the future, due to a rather bad experiences of customer and consumer service, after a sale.

Keep full records of all dealings and events, it might be to your advantage!.

  reuben4 12:15 28 Jun 2008

Thanks for the info, I have spoken with Comet customer services this morning who have advised that Comets policy is repair and that for an exchange unit to be offered would require the manufacturers authorisation, I will contact sony Monday morning and will let you know of the outcome.. thanks once again for the replys

  Forum Editor 14:43 28 Jun 2008

Never mind what Comet's policy is - the law is the law, and your contract is with Comet, not Sony.

You'll need to press hard on this if you don't want to find yourself waiting for the computer to come back from Sony a second time. That may not be the end of the world of course, provided Sony get it right on the second attempt. If the machine does go back I recommend that you insist on Sony giving you a new warranty - one that starts from the time the machine is repaired.

  ened 18:01 28 Jun 2008

It surprises me that you have had so many problems with a Sony machine.

Sony are usually of an extremely high standard (except when they put their badge on another manufacturers product - like the Freeview Hard Drive recorder) and I would like to think that it will come back from them in tip-top shape.

I too had a bad experience with Comet's(So called) customer service and (like spuds) will never deal with them again.

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