Vaguely related to PCs but not quite

  Sheila-214876 17:00 07 Feb 2004

Thought you might like to know. Comet are offering a 6 pack blank video tapes from Maxell which states 20 hours recording at standard play. They are 3 hour (180) tapes and when I went to school 6 x 3 equals 18 so where are the other 2 hours. It also says 40 hour recording at Long Play. I make that 36 hours so we are now 4 hours short. When I rang Comet to query this they said it was "Nothing to do with them, it was Maxell's problem". How do you get 20 hours recording time out of 18 hours of tape? Try here, click here

  leo49 17:07 07 Feb 2004

Might pay to read the ad more closely - follow your link and click on the "Larger picture" button and you'll see that the pack label states 6 tapes:4x3hours and 2x4hours - when I was at school 12 + 8 = 20.

  leo49 17:09 07 Feb 2004

Anticipating your next query:

click here


  thisisnighthawk 17:10 07 Feb 2004

Well done ennuye, I wondered who would be the first to spot that...... :-)

  thisisnighthawk 17:12 07 Feb 2004

nice one Leo49 :-))

  Sheila-214876 17:26 07 Feb 2004

leo49. The larger picture on my computer shows 4 3hour tapes and 1 4hour tape which equals 16 hours although the flash on the front says 4 x 3hours and 2 x 4hours. But why didn't the person I spoke to at Comet tell me that then?

  Sheila-214876 17:33 07 Feb 2004

leo49. Yes agree with you I must get myself some new glasses but VisionExpress isn't my scene.

  ddd3 17:34 07 Feb 2004

Because people are buying them on the strength of the flash on the front, and not bothering to do the maths.

Or maybe somebody stole one from the pack in the picture...

  Stuartli 17:43 07 Feb 2004

At one time several video tape manufacturers sold standard three hour tapes (i.e. 180 minutes) with an additional 15 minutes recording time added.

The differences between standard, extra and high quality etc tape are very slight - the manufacturers produce it in bulk before testing various sections for quality variations; it's then packaged in the various varieties according to the quality.


You should have gone to Specsavers....:-)

  Sheila-214876 17:59 07 Feb 2004

Stuartli. Specsavers isn't for me either, especially after seeing their ad. The girl looks worse than the boy to me. I have my own optician who obviously need to see me very soon.

  Sheila-214876 15:22 08 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone for the comments. The "vaguely related" bit is because I want to get somewhere around 100 Betamax tapes on to DVD. I have found a company that will do it for £10 per tape, but they don't do any editing, like take the ads out. So the idea is to transfer Beta to VHS editing as I go and then get them on to DVD. I am researching the possibilty of getting a DVD Writer, but is it worth the effort?

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