V.92 modems

  graham 13:16 19 Jan 2003
  graham 13:16 19 Jan 2003

I am tempted to buy a V.92 modem for faster connection and upload speeds, though the "modem on hold" facility is not available yet.(Yes I know it is on 1stnet, but have you seen their prices?) Watford has one for under £17 but it says it is only V44 prepared, whatever that means. PCWorld have a ZOOM 3025 at under £30, which seems the favourite so far. Any thoughts?

  Rtus 13:25 19 Jan 2003

click here
explains the V44 bit..

  graham 14:47 19 Jan 2003

Thanks, I know what v.44 is, don't know what "v44 prepared" means! Has it got it or not? I'm prepared for a V.92 modem but I haven't got one. Perhaps it's like bracing yourself...

  Rtus 14:50 19 Jan 2003

presumable software required to enable the V44 option ,and it may not be ready yet hence the Ready bit..

  graham 14:52 19 Jan 2003

The ZOOM at PCW is £39.99.

  wee eddie 17:31 19 Jan 2003

that to be effective. your ISP has to support V92

  Djohn 17:58 19 Jan 2003

graham, if I remember correctly, aren't you with aol, if so the and V92 don't get on too well together. J.

  Technonot 18:30 19 Jan 2003

I installed a Zoom V92 PCI modem when my V90 was struck by lightning ! , because my ISP does'nt support V92 I have only noticed a slight improvement in download speeds.

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