Using Remote Assistance: Your website needs you

  PC Advisor. 17:27 13 Mar 2003

Hi folks,

We're putting together a feature on using Remote Assistance in Windows XP.

Any users out there? Has it made a difference to your computing experience? Any problems encountered?

We'd love to hear from you.

  €dstow 19:03 13 Mar 2003

Tried it once. Better and much easier to do it verbally over the phone.

How do they say - A cure in search of a problem.


  tippucat 19:06 13 Mar 2003

I have it, clearly as part of XP, however have not used it as yet. Not sure what it's all about. I usually post my probs on this site or have direct contact with DELL. Do you not need to know someone with compatable equipment? Probably not the kinf of answer you are looking for. Sorry

  agarm11 20:15 13 Mar 2003

Tried to use it on AOL, after much head scratching, spoke to Microsoft who confirmed its not compatible with AOL.

  PC Advisor. 10:58 14 Mar 2003

Thanks guys.

Any more for any more?

  Pilch.... 11:16 14 Mar 2003

my server, i dont really rate it.

Also let friend remote control my server to set up apache as i didnt have a clue, it has it usefulness at time's, otherwise better programs available

  ©®@$ђ 11:22 14 Mar 2003

i have tired it with xp to xp machines, and they were both on a 56k dial-up, and it was terrible, waiting for the arrow to move across the screen in slow motion, not to mention opening folders etc.

i suppose it would be allot better if it was use with fast connections, or maybe one fast connection.good idea but lacking with a slow connection.

its quite easy to set up, just follow the tutorial in help and support, and gives you an easier option of connceting via messanger i like that feature of it.

as i havn't tested it with a fast connection i can't really give an honest answer abut how good it really is,but as for a 56k dialup which doesn't always reach that speed..yuck,easier over the phone or via e-mail

  vaughan007 11:25 14 Mar 2003

I have helped a friend out using it. Both of us on high speed connections. It worked smoothly and fine. For easily solved problems I agree that the phone is best. But if you are dealing with PC beginners or more in-depth problems I think its great.

  tomsdad 11:31 14 Mar 2003

I have used Remote Assistance once, when I had problem and wanted my to see if my friend could sort it out for me.

It took a quite a while to get it up and running, and was very slow on a Dial up connection, but it worked ok.

I have only used it the once but it came in quite handy at the time.


  Andsome 20:44 14 Mar 2003

Only tried this once with Epson. Gave up after a while and paid for a phone call instead. Problem using scanner was then solved within minutes. Never tried it with XP.

  bremner 20:50 14 Mar 2003

Used it once very successfully to fix a problem on a relatives machine.

Downside - It was very slow to refresh pages and was therefore time consuming. Whether this was because I was on 512K BB aand he was 56K dial up I don't know.

If the person one is trying to help has a reasonable understanding of how their machine works then I think the phone is probably better. However if you are helping a beginner / novice then Remote Assistance can be a useful tool.

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