Using pre-paid cards.

  daz60 19:49 04 Aug 2011

Does any one use these and can inform me of the pro's and con's.? Do they have the same safety features you would get with a credit /debit card.? Especially have you used one abroad.?

Holidays soon so i was thinking of acquiring one to use abroad for withdrawals and purchase's,also to use online.

Found this site but personal anecdotes would be a great source of information.

link text

  Condom 00:33 06 Aug 2011

Her indoors is off shortly to the Far East for 4 months and has just invested in one of these pre pay cards. She looked into it very carefully and eventually got one from Fair FX which she said had the best reports. Her friends have used them outside Europe and says they were great. When I go back to Thailand next year I will also be taking one as the charge for withdrawing from an overseas ATM is only about 1€ compared to about £5-£6 with our banks. You can easily top up the card from your normal account using computer banking so you needn't keep a large amount in it. Within Europe I cannot comment from personal experience but I should imagine the savings will be as large. With regard to buying items I would read up their terms and conditions beccause I am unsure if you still get the +£100 protection you get with normal credit cards. Hope this helps.

  rickf 11:37 06 Aug 2011

Going to the Far East too. Good onfo. Too late for me now as I am leaving Monday. Was thinking of getting one but did'nt want to try something new as I did not know much about it. In the end went for a mixture of local currency and travel cheques. Safe journey.

  daz60 19:16 06 Aug 2011

Thanks for the info Condom.Safe journeys to yourself and "her indoors". I would love to take 5 months off and do a Cambodia,Thailand,Laos,Vietnam and Singapore loop.

I need to research a bit more deeply,not giving myself the time,was thinking of Fair FX or the Post Office or go via Which s recommendation.Yes should always read the small print,especially regarding the protection part.

  mehtdosa11 08:53 07 Aug 2011

i have just applied for a prepaid mastercard from orange, and before that i was looking at one carphone warehouse do. just make sure you check all the charges they apply for you loading money on the card before you decide. some of them do charge a percentage on what and where you spend as well.

they are extremely handy if you can't get a credit card for various reasons, and of course save you carrying around wads of cash, especially if you are abroad.

  mehtdosa11 09:06 07 Aug 2011

sorry an amendment to my previous message. it's not the carphone warehouse it's phones 4 yuo. it's called the escape card, the charges seemed one of the best.

  The Kestrel 11:23 07 Aug 2011

I have had a Caxton fx global traveller card for over two years now. You load it in sterling, without charges being made, and can then use it any country worldwide. Apart from Europe, I have used it in the USA, Singapore and Australia without the slightest problems, Caxton do not make a charge when used at ATMs, shops, hotels etc. outside the UK. You always pay in the local currency and Caxton do the conversion to sterling. Coincidently the conversion rates they use are very competitive with the rates the banks and travel agents charge.

  daz60 08:11 08 Aug 2011

mehdosa11, Thnxs

The Kestrel, Thanks,great info, some more research has led me to investigate Caxton more closely.I think this might be the one.

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