Using my 42" Plasma TV as permanent monitor

  Mi Casa 08:42 10 May 2009

I think the time has come to consider buying another PC base unit to sit in the TV corner unit underneath my 42" plasma screen,using the TV as a monitor.The TV has all the necessary inputs.

Size is everything so I would have to consider maybe a cube or a small case base unit.

Another requirement would be a combined keyboard/mouse with wireless capability.The more compact the better.One such combi I have seen and tried is this : click here :

Any thoughts and/or suggestions for such a set up would be appreciated.


  Forum Editor 09:29 10 May 2009

I can think of nothing worse than a 42" computer monitor, especially when you say - with regard to the computer base unit - that "Size is everything".

That said, you might want to consider the keyboard I use - the best I've ever used in fact.

click here

It's not cheap at £140, but it simply exudes quality, and it looks superb. It's less than half an inch thick, has a wonderful key action, and comes with a full set of touch controls which illuminate when you put a finger on them. Included is a circular trackpad that is extremely responsive and easy to use.

  961 09:54 10 May 2009

Plasma screens (apart from commercial models such as used in airports) are not suitable for monitor use because of image retention and screen burn problems where static images lie on the screen for long periods (for example the solid blue lines down the edges of this page)

  Mi Casa 10:25 10 May 2009


There is an alternative which is to swap over the Plasma screen for a 37" LCD screen from elsewhere in the house.

I appreciate 961's comments on the unsuitability of the Plasma[I've seen the results of screen-burn]but if the swap from Plasma to LCD were effected then would your opinions change?

  Chas49 12:55 10 May 2009

Mi Casa:

Do you, like myself, have a problem with your eyesight? A larger monitor (in my case a 37") has solved the constant headaches I was having when using a smaller screen (anything less than 32"). Were it not for the problematic eyesight I would tend to agree with FE.

The larger screen of course enables me to view the same amount of 'real estate'at a larger resolution than possible(for me that is) on the smaller screen. If your eyesight is 'normal' then it is possible that a lerge screen would make focussing somewhat awkward and would perhaps, involve the use of a wireless keyboard and mouse so that you can sit well away from the screen - but perhaps this is exactly what you want. The computer I have is an HP 3315 Pavillion Slimline - this is, roughly, 12 centimetres wide and 30 tall and can ber used vertically or horizontally.

  Stuartli 14:00 10 May 2009

My younger offspring has used a 32in LCD and now a 37in plasma TV as a monitor whilst in the living room, using wireless links from his main system.

The display quality is superb and is especially appreciated by visitors viewing family and holiday photos.

  Stuartli 14:02 10 May 2009

Modern digital picture technology has virtually eliminated screen burn, including on plasma TVs, with normal use.

  Mi Casa 15:58 10 May 2009


Consensus of opinion is that either of the large screens would be suitable - with limitations.

What I need to overcome is "squinting" at a 15" laptop screen when wanting to view any multimedia, with the added benefit of general internet use.

Space is limited,and I would consider it a backward step,to go for another tower/monitor set up.

Thanks for your opinions and feedback,tomorrow I go shopping!

  961 17:27 10 May 2009

LCD screens are fine

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