using cd's rather than floppies.

  rothes 20:08 14 Nov 2004

Slowly catching up with technology, my PC has 'Adadtec ' recording software and 'Easy CD Creator ' I seem to be getting to grips with them, however, if I create CD with these on my PC will I be able to read it on other PC's which don't have these programs. Also is there a 'standard ' cd recording software package, or a better/easier one that what I have.? Thanks

  TomJerry 20:14 14 Nov 2004

yes, CD can be read from any other device if you "finalise/close" it when you finish burning. Check the manual to find out how to do it.

Easy CD is a great program, but the version you have muct be ancient because Adadtec sold the package to Roxio long time ago.

  Bandy 20:19 14 Nov 2004

I haven't used floppies for a long while now, mainly because most of the files I wish to copy are too big, and also because cds are so cheap now.

The software that you're using is fine, others may have a preference for other burning programmes such as Nero but you pays your money and takes your choice.

I have no difficulty reading such discs on other machines and nor should you

  wallbash 20:46 14 Nov 2004

Looking at title of thread , may I suggest a cheap USB pen drive , its seems more of a logical step !

  Simsy 07:14 16 Nov 2004

"if I create CD with these on my PC will I be able to read it on other PC's which don't have these programs."

When using "EasyCD creator" this should not be a problem. However, (and I'm open to correction here!), it may be that you also have "DirectCD" installed, as this comes/came with Easy CD Creator.

You use Direct CD by "formatting" the CD, (UDF format), which then enables you to treat the CD as just another drive and "drag and drop" to it. If you do use this method then other PC's will either have to have the software installed, or another UDF reader programme installed. These are free to download and install.

I hope this helps.



  TomJerry 10:47 16 Nov 2004

does not matter if you finally "finalise/close it"

  Simsy 11:39 16 Nov 2004

if you are using "packet writing" that is not something that is done/do-able, as I understand it.



  TomJerry 12:35 16 Nov 2004


  Simsy 13:15 16 Nov 2004


That may help my dad with something!



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