Using brand names in advertising leaflets.

  setecio 23:35 10 May 2007

If I bought 1,000 new PCs from Mesh, could I then sell them on and make my own advertising leaflets for 'New Mesh computers' or would I need Mesh's permission, and could I use the word 'New' ?

  Stuartli 00:42 11 May 2007

I would very, very much doubt it, unless you had some agreement with Mesh to sell them or act as an agent - an example of such sales is TV shopping channel QVC which features Dell systems and laptops quite frequently.

However, you would need a fair bit of capital to buy 1,000 new Mesh systems...:-)

Also see outlets such as:

click here

  Stuartli 00:45 11 May 2007

As the "retailer" you would very likely to be responsible for all the hassle over any problems which buyers might encounter.

  setecio 09:43 11 May 2007

I had a look at those prices on click here
and they are terrible. You get much better value directly on the Dell site. If they can sell those specs at those prices, there must be a market for buying computers and adding a £100/£200 on to the price. Even taking on board the warranty issues, it could be profitable.

  €dstowe 10:38 11 May 2007

The only people who can give a definitive answer to your original question are the companies whose products you wish to sell. Some may agree to your plan, others may not.

  setecio 10:48 11 May 2007

I suppose if you don't advertise them as 'new', although coming in sealed boxes it is obvious, then you don't have to consult the manufacturers ?

  MESH Support 12:27 11 May 2007

Hi setecio,

It sounds as though you are interested in becoming what is termed a reseller.

You can obtain information about our reseller program on our website click here which should answer your questions.


  setecio 12:32 11 May 2007

OK, thanks Davey.

  setecio 16:59 11 May 2007

But, just out of interest, if you are considered a small fry in the big corporate world of any company, and they won't give you an account as a retailer / reseller, is there any legal reason that you can't buy products from any source and resell them, as long as you take responsibility for any warranties ?

  Forum Editor 17:29 11 May 2007

and advertise them for sale as 'Mesh computers' - provided they didn't use the word 'new'. You must be an officially-recognised reseller to do that. If you bought ten Ford cars and sold them you would certainly use the word 'Ford' when describing them, wouldn't you?

Otherwise, you're the same as anybody else - you have bought new machines and you're selling them. They aren't 'new' in the generally-accepted sense, although you might use the phrase 'as new' or 'still in manufacturer's packaging' when describing them.

As for warranties - it's very unwise to offer a warranty on goods that you're selling secondhand. You'll be bound by the terms of current consumer legislation anyway, as that applies to secondhand goods, even if sold by private individuals.

  setecio 17:46 11 May 2007

Indeed I did wonder when writing the post, that it seemed a silly question.

Months ago, I read a post about the warranty that computer manufacturers were required by law to offer. I think the conclusion was 6 months but there were other factors that could extend claims beyond this. (Ignoring warranties that they themselves offer).

Are there any clear guidlines for secondhand goods ? Is it simply that they must work when purchased, and musn't be clearly faulty at the time of purchase ?

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