Useless Service Mesh Computers!!

  bobbyaprince 10:51 19 Dec 2005

I am beside myself with anger!!!
Mesh have been utterly useless.
I bought my computer system from them Feb 2005 and the monitor provided in the package was from Iiyama, almost immediately it wasnt working properly, enlisted Mesh help as my Contract of Sale is with them,

They said we cant help you you have to go to Iiyama,

5 months and 3 replacement monitors later and a small fortune in phone bills Mesh agree to look at the minitor themselves and sort it out!

I have had no monitor since 1st November 2005 and have been lied to, fobbed off etc etc despite 25 phone calls and several hours of 'waiting' for call backs that never came (surprise)

I have been promised a refund, then they changed there minds and told me I had to have an Iiyama, which understandably I refused,
Next I told them that I would pay extra and they could give me a different model... they agreed then refused again, then I demanded a different model of equal value, to which they have agreed, then retracted, agreed then retracted and I am this week waiting for someone to 'decide' if this is okay, almost 8 weeks of crap.

I have complained to the trading standards who agree that my contract is with Mesh and they must do something about this and now(with the help of the CAB)I am going to take the managing director to court for refunds and compensation, just waiting on the address details which are a matter of public record!!!

ALL I want is a monitor that works!!! this cant be too much to ask considering I paid £1800 for a computer that I think works fine, if I could use it but cant because i paid extra to get a flatscreen Iiyama monitor that is complete CRAP!!
I hope your watching MESH because I wont give up and will let all who will listen know how you have gotten away with murder for a long time!!

Dissgruntled and pi***d off!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:08 19 Dec 2005

To ahve one monitor (especially Illyama) is rare; to have 3 fail makes me suspect that there is something wrong elsewhere.


  HondaMan 11:21 19 Dec 2005

as you said, your contract was with Mesh. Whilst it might be quicker to go to the manufacturer, Mesh ae ultimately responsible and it is them you would have to issue proceedings against. Personally, I wouldn't bother with the manufacturer of a component, especially where a firm like Mesh is concerned, they're just passing the buck.

  bobbyaprince 11:48 19 Dec 2005

The replacements all had the same problems... Im fairly certain that they were recons aswell which is insulting anyway when it was less than 2 weeks old when it first broke!

Mesh are passing the buck and I am determined to do something about it!

Bring it on!!!

  bobbyaprince 11:50 19 Dec 2005

and what exactly could it be other than faulty monitor?

  Totally-braindead 13:14 19 Dec 2005

I'm inclined to agree with Gandalf here, Illyama is a well known make and to have a faulty one is unfortunate, to have 3 with the same fault is stretching it. You haven't actually said what the fault is, what is actually wrong with the monitor all you've said is it isn't working properly? Perhaps there is something wrong with the graphics card or even just the way its setup? Could you describe whats wrong with it.

  PaulB2005 13:17 19 Dec 2005

Iiyama is an excellent make. Been using them for years. As stated above your contract is with Mesh and not Iiyama to get this resolved. If you have had three monitors that a faulty then I'd also suspect something i the PC like the graphics card.

You did test the monitor on another PC or test another monitor on the PC didn't you, before concluding you have been supplied with 4 faulty monitors??

  961 13:29 19 Dec 2005

Unfortunately it is standard practice for monitor manufacturers to replace a faulty monitor with one that is not new, i.e., it has been "refurbished" after having been returned, probably because it was faulty. If you read the warranty of any monitor these days you'll probably find that in the small print

Yjere is the possibility that some setting on the computer or the graphics card is causing these to fail. That, of course, is down to Mesh. Perhaps Davey at Mesh who watches this forum may be able to help

If you paid by credit card or Visa debit card I would complain to the card company as they are liable too

If you paid by finance try the finance company

  bobbyaprince 13:34 19 Dec 2005

they have never suggested a problem with the graphics card which is there fault in my opinion, however the problem has been the same everytime,the screen becomes very bright and the colour goes and then the monitor cannot be adjusted from the menu, i.e brightness etc and the last one also had a broken line of pixels.

  bobbyaprince 13:36 19 Dec 2005

All three monitors were faulty on my brothers pc and Mesh have tested this last monitor also and said it is faulty.

  pauldonovan 13:41 19 Dec 2005

...still could be your PC. I'm not 100% sure but I think that if you had certain settings on your graphics card (or your graphics card was faulty) that could affect the monitor. The monitor then would be 'faulty' but only due to the PC graphics card. Just a thought.

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