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  kevmof 23:36 27 Apr 2003

hi there, we have just had BT Broadband installed. Running through the BT Voyager ASDL modem. We also have a PC running upstairs, i would like to split the connection, pref wireless. What hardware do i need? can u buy wireless USB ASDL routers? the modem has USB output, not ethernet. Also i dont want to have the downstaris pc as a server, i would just like to share the connection through a router. any ideas as to which router i need would be appreciated, also would each pc need a wireless adpater thingy? or could 1 be wired and the other wireless?? many thanks

  Forum Editor 00:20 28 Apr 2003

I have a home office with three main PCs and a laptop, which I want to use anywhere in the house.

All the PCs have a USB wireless adapter (Belkin) and you will have to provide adapters for your computers. You can get a card that fits inside your PC if you prefer that, but the USB external ones are just as good and far quicker to install.

The laptop has a wireless adapter that plugs into the card slot (Linksys, and you couldn't hope for a neater solution - it works perfectly.

I have a Linksys 2.4 Ghz wireless access point.

And finally an Alcatel USB broadband modem, connected to the BT business ADSL service via one of the PCs. All the computers are running WindowsXP Professional.

I connected everything as per the manufacturers' instructions and set up a network using the Windows XP networking wizard (run it on each machine).

It all worked first time, and has continued to do so. The only glitch occurred when the Outpost firewall that's installed on the Internet-connected machine refused to allow the other computers any access to the broadband connection. A quick tweak of the settings put that right.

It really is that easy. If you want to use a router you can. There are several that will accept a USB ADSL modem, and in fact there are several that have their own ADSL modem built in.

  hellred 21:21 18 May 2003

Do exactly as the editor suggest, you can share all through one mashine and as long as you have XP or W98SE no prop., if not instal a proxy server and never worry about it again.

The router will cost as you need a combined unit or 2 seperate bits + the wireless card( adaptor)

  jazzypop 22:41 18 May 2003

click here and look at the three diagrams carefully.

The situation that the FE is similar to the 3rd diagram. Be aware that this requires the 'gateway' PC to be switched on, for the other PC(s) to be able to access the Web.

If you choose a setup similar to the first two diagrams, each PC can access the Web independently of each other, as it is the router that is left switched on, and acts as the 'gateway pc'.

The USB outlet on your modem is a common and senseless problem, as there are few routers that accept an incoming USB connector - the vast majority expect an Ethernet (RJ45) connector.

Vigor and Linksys (and probably others) make routers that accept USB - see the link at click here but check the details carefully, as they will not all work with just any ADSL modem.

P.S. - the site in the first link is designed for NTL networking - substitute the NTL input for your USB modem

  jazzypop 22:45 18 May 2003

Correction - "The situation that the FE is similar to..." should read "The situation that the FE describes is similar to..."

  H-J 22:56 18 May 2003

Isnt this really a topic for the helproom?

I have just installed a wireless network on the "new" 54mbps standard and it is simply superb. I too do not want to have the "main" pc running all the time if I simply need to access the net and so plumped for the Buffalo Router and cardbus (for the laptop) My main pc is hard wired into the router with the laptop running on the PC card.

You would need a USB access point instead of the card but as this particular router is backward compatible with the slower standards this will not be a problem if you did not want to go for 54Mbps all round!

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