usb tv 'dongle'

  ourpourpqikr 01:00 20 Sep 2006

After reading lots of reviews regarding the benefits of an external aerial can I run one of these off an extension of a sky box with no other aerial ?


  g0slp 09:39 20 Sep 2006

I wouldn't think so. Frequencies and possibly signal types will be different.

I'm ready to stand corrected though!

FWIW I've successfully used a USB dongle with an internal antenna, but I do have a good line of sight to my local TV mast, even though it's about 15 miles away. The problem with terrestrial Digital TV is that it's transmitted at lower power than the old analogue system, although this may change as analogue is switched off in the next few years.

  Stuartli 10:38 20 Sep 2006

>>although this may change as analogue is switched off in the next few years.>>

It certainly will change as more bandwidth becomes available..:-)

In fact the Freeview signals are somewhat stronger than when the service was originally conceived (ONDigital/ITVDigital) - the main problem now is that there are so many extra TV and radio channels that the benefit is again being eroded to some extent.

  Stuartli 10:45 20 Sep 2006

A Freeview set top box/PCI digital TV card or USB stick uses the standard (wideband) TV aerial to receive signals - hence the term digital terrestial television.

The digital signals are extracted by the box or card and then converted back to analogue form so that they can be viewed on a standard TV set or monitor; if you have a digital television then this process is not required.

If your Sky box has an RF input/output facilitythen you could/should be able to connect a USB card to it to receive Freeview.

With a PCI TV card you might also be able to watch Sky if the card has the appropriate input sockets, but you would need to check this out.

There are satellite versions of PCI TV cards, but there wouldn't seem much point as you presumably watch them on a standard TV.

  ourpourpqikr 10:58 20 Sep 2006

Maybe I'll ask again next year !!
many thanks for your help


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