usb speakers with built in sound card

  jimmybond 21:00 13 Oct 2009

the sound card built in my laptop is knackered - rather than replace the motherboard, does anyone know of a decent set of usb speakers that have a built in sound card?

  Stuartli 21:59 13 Oct 2009

New one on me. Are you sure you are not thinking of active speakers (i.e. housing an amplifier) or a monitor with integrated speakers?

You need on-board sound or a sound card to provide the speakers with the required input.

  Stuartli 22:02 13 Oct 2009

If you do have a sound card fitted (why is it "knackered"?), have you checked to see if the motherboard has an on-board/integrated sound chipset?

This would serve the purpose, although you may have to install the latest drivers (it will most likely, if available, be a Realtek or C-Media sound chipset.

  jimmybond 22:07 13 Oct 2009

ok sorry when I say 'sound card' - I mean the on board sound built into mother board. I don't know why it's knackered, it just is :-) no sound works, I get messages such as 'attempt to start direct sound system failed' when starting a game, or 'windows media cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device', when playing an MP3. Neither the headphones or the speakers work - so I assume is a motherboard/sound hardware issue. As my on board sound is kaput I'll need an external card. One that's built into the speakers would be ideal.

  Stuartli 23:40 13 Oct 2009

I have never heard of speakers with an "inbuilt sound card"..:-)

Speakers only relay the input that is fed to them.

Have you checked from Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio and Video tabs that your on-board sound is the Default Device?

You should also check the General tab to ensure that Mute is not Enabled - this is a common scenario - and that the Volume icon will be available in the Taskbar/Notification area.

Also from doubling clicking on the Volume icon ensure that no sliders are on minimum, nothing has been Muted that shouldn't be and that you have (from Options) ticked all the sound features you require are Enabled.

Don't forget too that you may need to download the latest drivers for your on-board sound.

A final thought is to check the Bios to make sure that the on-board sound/AC '97 setting is Enabled.

  Stuartli 23:48 13 Oct 2009

Something on these lines might be what you are thinking of for the purpose:

click here

click here

  Stuartli 23:51 13 Oct 2009

But I would suggest you would still need the on-board/sound card device as the source for such USB adaptors.

  jimmybond 23:51 13 Oct 2009

well, you can have a usb external sound card, and you can have usb external speakers so am assuming you can combine the two into one device, logical no? :-)

I've done all the standard checks - really though they were working earlier and now arent so I guess is hardware - drivers aren't going to work one minute and then stop the next?

Plus if it was something daft like 'mute' being enabled somewhere i wouldn't get error messages, I'd just get no sound?

  jimmybond 23:55 13 Oct 2009

that's the kind of thing ;-) but something like that in-built with the speakers. You don't need on board sound or a sound card for these,no - they replace it.

  jimmybond 00:05 14 Oct 2009

badabing - click here

but something that isn't £85 :-)

built-in sound cards, although this feature is more common with headsets.

A set of Bose speakers I was looking at several years ago had this (which put me off them since I'd already forked out almost £100 for an X-Fi sound card!)

Here are some cheaper options though: click here

You could of course do as has already been suggested and buy a USB sound card, that way giving yourself more freedom as to the choice of speakers. Are you absolutely sure your problem isn't a software one though? You could make yourself a Linux Live CD and boot to that and see if you get any sound

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