usb pen drives - handy but another option avail!

  georgemac 16:45 12 Mar 2004

was really fancying one of these, to move files from my PC to my sons pc as I don't have the network cable run yet.

Then it dawned on me - I have 3 64 mb smartmedia cards for my digital camera (2 mp fuji which I hardly use) and a usb card reader - so I tried this and it worked - saved me buying a pen drive!

Will be very handy for when I download avg updates etc, will save me downloading twice.

when I was looking the best prices for pen drives seemed to be crucial, 128 mb was £25 and 256 mb was £43 appx.

  mole44 17:08 12 Mar 2004

i twigged using them a couple of years ago,mind you i stil have a couple of pen drives

  georgemac 18:41 12 Mar 2004

but never twigged I could do this with it - would have been very handy when I've been repairing friends pc's for moving drivers etc from my pc to theirs instead of burning to cd!

Sometimes I feel a right twit!

  mole44 08:35 13 Mar 2004

don`t feel bad,its just i`ve been taught lateral thinking from my days with special forces.nobody stupid just that they don`t know the answers.

  Stuartli 09:05 13 Mar 2004

This use has already been pointed out in the forums - I use my Secure Digital and MultiMedia Cards for this purpose combined with a 7 in 1 card reader.

You can also buy an internal card reader (same dimensions as a floppy drive and fits in the second bay) which can be used with, for instance, a Compact Flash card and adaptor.

My mate uses this method to back up his office system (documents etc) with a 128MB card and takes it home each night.

  Stuartli 09:10 13 Mar 2004

Here's one thread:

click here

  georgemac 09:56 13 Mar 2004

for the comments, just wish I had seen the earlier threads or thought about doing this earlier.

A friend bought a new pc without a floppy and was unsure how to burn cd's - this would be an ideal soloution for them.

  2020 13:00 13 Mar 2004

hi this is exactly the issue i loged on to ask this potion better than buying the pc-pc link cable?
many thanks

This is what I use (Sandisk Cruser)click here & it is great. Dont think they are available new now but they are available on ebay pretty cheaply.

Well recommended.

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