USB Pen Drive

  Lettervanman 16:59 29 Oct 2005

Have you bought one? Any Problems?
Short and sweet,Thank you in advance!

  powerless 17:08 29 Oct 2005

Have you bought one? - Yup.

Any Problems? - Nope.

Recommendations? - Sony, Sandisk, Kengsington...loads out there.

  ade.h 18:14 29 Oct 2005

Corsair - three of them so far. Very trustworthy and well made. I think most decent brands are fairly safe buys, though some have quite poor quality cases. The Ebuyer reviews make interesting reading; Sandisk and Corsair are well liked, though some people have issues with some of the Kingston models. Kensington, I know little of to be honest.

Be wary of carrying one on a lanyard if it hooks onto the lid rather than the body; that's an easy way to lose the drive if it falls out.

  Lettervanman 23:29 29 Oct 2005

Thanks to you both!

  Harpur 01:49 30 Oct 2005

try crucial

  wallbash 15:57 30 Oct 2005

Buy 'big' and buy tough!

Small cheap plastic, are easily broken ... trust me!!

  ade.h 17:00 30 Oct 2005

That's why I like the Corsair construction - the rubber can absorb impacts that might break a plastic case if it's a cheap one and protects the memory chip from the shock.

  grumpygramp 17:41 30 Oct 2005

Viking from Amazon 512MB under £20 delivered. Long warrantee. got several .

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