usb memory stick versus usb external hdd

  sunnystaines 17:47 05 Sep 2009

for use in backing up c drive is there any advantages with either other than size?

for use in backing up a laptop so scondary slave hard drive not an option.

whats your views?

  Diemmess 18:08 05 Sep 2009

Most C: drives, well mine anyway, are too large at 10+Gb to cram on a single memory stick.
(Yes I realise mem sticks are doubling and redoubling in capacity at a price!)

I will stay with proven technology until Im convinced that -

A.) Mem sticks are as dependable as HDs
B.) The price for very large capacity sticks has dwindled to make them a good buy.

I do use sticks, but for transferring chunks of data to another computer.

  sunnystaines 18:17 05 Sep 2009

I was looking at a 32 or 64 memory stick which would be large enough to cover the laptop easily.

you get more space per £ with a external hdd but wondered why so many prefer the memory stick.

twice tried using a caddy with a spare hdd in the first one the hdd would not fit, the 2nd [put thread on it] had serious faults in the transformer resulting in a trashed pc.

so looking at just buying a ready made one or a memory stick

  Diemmess 18:36 05 Sep 2009

I'm a mite cautious about some memory sticks mainly because of unsubstantiated "Chinese Whispers."

I had my first when its 165Mb @ £30+ seemed good, and it still works properly every time.

So fuddy duddy me is waiting until the memory stick has something like the HD with 300K-cycles MTBF.

Also, though I have a laptop I don't need a reliable backup from it while it is away from home, so don't have to carry the external parafernalia all over the place.

  sunnystaines 18:50 05 Sep 2009

thanks, seen some good priced ones from hongkong but wondering are they fake and fail after a short life.

china is going back to the 60's era if it was made in hongkong or china it was poor quality.

  GaT7 19:46 05 Sep 2009

sunnystaines, do you have any links?

If they are fake, they're likely to fail immediately.

As advised in your previous related post click here, it's best to avoid if your unsure about the source. Add HK & the Far East to the 'avoid like the plague' list. G

P.S. Even if you pay via PayPal (via eBay or otherwise) & feel somewhat protected that way, they will NOT refund you unless you can prove the drive is fake by providing them with substantial written evidence from a trusted source

  rdave13 21:58 05 Sep 2009

Sigh, I'll own up to being conned on ebay. Bought an 8 GB flash drive and 'properties' showed 8 Gig. Bought for peanuts really and was pleased and gave a good feedback. Once the drive had 1GB on it, it refused to install any more info, and found out it WAS only 1Gig. Clever programmers duping idiots like me. Still a cheap way to learn a lesson. So if you need a 32 or 64 Gig flash drive then real prices are roughly like these;

click here

click here

  interzone55 17:02 06 Sep 2009

USB memory sticks are fantastic where portability is important, but for regular backups a USB hard drive is far more sensible.

I have a 16gb stick that I use for moving files between home & work. I'd email them but some contain confidential data, and seeing as I'm not a civil servant or MI5 operative I'd rather not trust the internet to keep the data safe.

Instead I have a TrueCrypt encrypted partition on the drive. I have a lot of data on the drive, plus a few programs that I use for testing PCs and upgrading DVRs and there's roughly 13gb of space left. I think the drive is a little on the large side.

We've got a box full of cheap 128mb memory sticks that we send to customers with DVR firmware upgrades. I'd say that roughly 5% of the sticks fail to work first time data is written to the stick, and around 20% can't be read after the data is written.

I definitely wouldn't trust an important back up to this technology...

  sunnystaines 23:47 06 Sep 2009

thanks for the info.

now convinced usb hdd the way to go.

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