USB flash drive vs zip drives

  chidori 03:42 10 Apr 2004

Hi, my friend and I are having a small argument about which are better. My claim is that USB flash drives are better because they are efficient as floppies but can hold more data while my friend claims that zip disks are better because they can hold large amounts of data and thinks that every college/uni/workplace should have them and it would be stupid if they didn't. I have seen quite a few 256MB flash drives on ebay and other reputable retailers for about £30. I might use it to transfer work to college since I don't have a floppy drive installed in my Shuttle PC (couldn't be bothered) but most of the time, I'll probably be transferring movies and music files.

So if you guys who provide me with the pros and cons of both USB flash drives and zip drives, then I'll feel so much better that the matter has been cleared. Of course, any links to articles which have already argued this to death will be very much appreciated.

  mole44 08:28 10 Apr 2004

well i use flash drives as all the puters i use have a usb port,none have or are likely to have a zip drive.your friend may like zip in all puter but it aint gona happen.also what about cd and cd-rw now all puters have a cd-rom was good but look around to see how many puters have it as standard,nuff said

  IClaudio 12:43 10 Apr 2004

Zip drives and USB Flash drives - I've hardly used the Zip disks since I bought the Flash drives. They are so much more convenient, and as mole44 says, every computer now has USB, so the data is very transportable - not so with Zip.

As there are no moving parts in the Flash drives, I imagine they are also a lot more robust (another computer mag...shhhh...last month did a Destruction test on several Flash drives, which included boiling them, driving over them and so on. Amazingly, most of them survived).

  Les 13:12 10 Apr 2004

I have a 64mb flash drive and, without any doubt, so far it is streets ahead of the zip drives.


  Brian-336451 14:00 10 Apr 2004

Q1. How many computers are produced with USB?

Q2. How many computers are fitted with Zip drives?

Q3. What is the transfer speed on USB2 vs Zip?

Compare portability, convenience and capacity.

I thinks the answers speak for themselves.

  chidori 15:59 10 Apr 2004

Well, I'm glad that's sorted. But my friend will keep arguing his case for zip drives.

  Brian-336451 18:59 10 Apr 2004

Well your mate sounds just the sort of guy we need in politics.

To be able to argue against clearly demonstrable facts indicating that they are wrong is a prerequisite.

I'm sure he'll do well.

Failing that he could join the PR Department at the White House and be a spokesman for Dubbya!

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