USB Adapters....why?

  geoff47 02:57 21 Jun 2005

I recently bought a Wireless USB Adapter.....because it was advertised to enable me to share an internet connection between a PC and a laptop.

It does not do what it says it should.

What are these Adapters good for?

Have I been misled....or have I not read the box properly?

Serious question....what are these devices for?


  Rigga 09:44 21 Jun 2005

To take your points in order,

1. It will allow you to share an Internet connection sharing between two computers, as long as both have wireless networking. A lot of new laptops, and all centrino laptops have wireless already built in.

2. By itself the wireless USB adapter does not allow Internet connection sharing. (See above).

3. The adapters are used to setup a wireless network between computers.

4. You have sort of been misled, also see above.

5. See 3.

Does you laptop have wireless built in? if so you should be able to network the two computers and setup Internet connection sharing. (this is probably a new thread, and probably best posted in the networking forum.)

If your laptop does not already have wireless you will need another wireless card, either PCI (to fit in the small slot on the side of the laptop) or USB (same as you already have)


  Rigga 11:24 21 Jun 2005

oops.. for PCI read PCMCIA.


  geoff47 18:54 21 Jun 2005

I am almost PC illiterate,especially in the esteemed company that frequents this forum.

The laptop is Wireless I foolishly believed the adapter would communicate with this facility from the PC.
But as I have been informed since buying the thing I would have needed two,one for both computors and only if they both had winXP.
This thread is a rant about my problems getting a simple device to work.
I had asked in the shop for a simple way to make a internet connection for a laptop,from my win98 PC.And that is what they supplied.
After phoning the companies help line they told me I should have a router...although I could use the device I had with a lot of setting up,which wasn't worth the hassle,to paraphrase.

Anyway the device has been exchanged for the correct tackle now hopefully.

It was a long couple of days trying in vain to get something that wasn't really suitable for a novice to be given in the first place.

Feel better now my rant is over.
Should have asked more questions at the time I purchased it I suppose.

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