US Software for use in the UK

  lokig 09:39 28 Dec 2006

Hi, i am interested in the Adobe Creative Suite and have noticed the US price is so much better (even paying VAT when importing). Are there any technological differences between the US compared to the UK, or is it just price?

Also what is the deal with education versions, i was a student therfore can i get one of these instead? (these are even cheaper!)

  Kate B 10:36 28 Dec 2006

There's no difference between the versions as far as I know, but you won't be able to download the US version to a UK IP address. You'll have to find a US supplier that will ship a boxed version to you in the UK (assuming that's where you are).

Student versions are the same, too, but they're supposed to be for those in education or with offspring in education. Some retailers check more closely than others.

  DeeW 11:44 28 Dec 2006

I bought adobe photoshop elements from a UK supplier but it was a US version. I had a problem with the program and rang Adobe but they refused to support it so be aware you will forfeit supprort if you need it. I returned the program and got a refund.

  terryf 11:56 28 Dec 2006

Also you may have to pay as well as VAT, duty and a handling fee if you import a boxed edition from the States which could bring the price up towards but not reach UK prices

  Totally-braindead 23:15 28 Dec 2006

Once duty is added the difference will not be that great in most cases.
I got caught a few years ago with a digital camera I bought, once I'd paid the duty I saved perhaps a fiver.

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