US bought print cartridges - are they different?

  TimC 10:47 13 May 2003

I have the good(?) fortune to be going to Chicago on business next week, and having had a quick look have seen that cartridges for my HP Photosmart 7150 are around 30% cheaper - so I was planning on picking up a few, particularly as the Photo cartridge I ordered on the 1st April is still on back order!

However, whilst the product sheets for the the US and UK versions of the printers have the same part number for the printer (q1604a), the cartridges differ. For example the UK black cartridge is C6656AE, whilst the US is C6656AN.

Whilst I'm reasonably confident that they will work, does anyone know for certain? And, are there any differences e.g. chemicals?

  -pops- 11:09 13 May 2003

I've brought back and used Epson cartridges in the past. No problems at all although I can't guarantee that HP ones will be as compliant.


  Belatucadrus 11:15 13 May 2003

click here it appears HP code the product differently for varous geographical reasons, my guess is it's a packaging thing with each variant having different language combinations on the box. There is no indication that the cartridges are different in any way.

  spuds 18:55 13 May 2003

Be a little cautious on UK customs declaration. Could run expensive if you bring in more that your 'gift' quota, and possibly not be a bargain in the end.

  TimC 09:05 14 May 2003

Thanks all - very useful link Belatucadrus, answers the questions.

Spuds - I'm only getting a couple, so shouldn't exceed my import quota. But thanks for drawing my attention to that aspect.

  Brian-336451 09:39 14 May 2003

I fly for an airline and buy all my cartridges in USA or Canada.

I have an HP950C Deskjet and there is absolutely no problem whatsoever.

As regards Customs, you are entitled to about £130 worth of stuff without declaration (can't remember the exact amount - £138?)

So unless you're loaded down with stuff, it makes no nevermind what it is you have (alcohol/tobacco/drugs excluded).

  Stuartli 17:59 15 May 2003

As an aside to this thread, a friend has been having problems with his HP 890C, which began to print incorrect colours soon after installing new cartridges.

He tried aligning the cartridges, printing test pages and checking the configuration and I installed the latest Version 1.1 of the printer's driver - all to no avail.

In the end he sent it for repair, only to discover that not just one, but both of the cartridges were faulty.....

At the outrageous prices of these HP cartridges one would expect better.

  phoenix198 23:48 15 May 2003

I too used to get my printer cartridges (Epson and HP) from a US source with no problems whatsover save for the odd spelling error:


But it could have been a MS software error!

(small attempt at humour there ... OK, I'll get my coat ...)

  Stuartli 09:51 16 May 2003

Is this US sauce in Phoenix..:-)

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