upgrading pc66 memory

  aj's 19:18 27 Jun 2003

Is it true that you can upgrade pc66 memory with pc100 but it will work at the lower bus speed of 66MHZ

  AMD 4 ever 19:55 27 Jun 2003

what would be the point then in that? I know it is hard to get pc66 but try here: click here
It may work, but no promises, I suspect it wont!

  aj's 21:36 27 Jun 2003

I have already tried that site, lack of choice (currently 7 items)and have been outbid several times(frustrating).pc100 more readily available.

  The Sack 23:42 27 Jun 2003

If you used PC133 it would work. BTW there is more point to it than you think because if the RAM is still running on a 66MHz FSB you can run PC133 (or PC100) at really fast timings with not a cat in hells chance of any damage to the memory so it would be of some benefit to the system.

  DieSse 00:37 28 Jun 2003

Most of the time it will work just fine, but on odd occasions, with some motherboards, you can get compatability problems. Compatability problems can get worse if you try to mix RAM of different speeds (not always, but sometimes).

On newer motherboards, you can adjust the RAM timing independantly of the FSB timing - so you can have, say, a FSB66 procesoor, and 100MHz RAM - look for a setting for RAM speed in the BIOS.

And yes, you right, RAM runs at the speed the motherboard is set to run it at - so if set to 66MHz, that's what it will run at, even if it's PC100 or PC133.

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