Upgrading my TFT

  square eyes 16:26 09 Nov 2004

HI, I did try to search for this answer but no luck.
I bought a Mesh computer over two years ago and just found out today that my 3 year warrantee only covered my base unit and not the monitor, fair enough. I want to upgrade from my 15" to 17 or 19, haven't decided which one. I play games mainly and realise that CRT's are best but i dont have the room. What is the best way of going about this, there is no point in keeping my existing one so is there a best way of doing this? or shall i simply go to a local computer shop that take in 2nd hand equipment? Can you reccomend any TFT's with good refresh rates?

Thanks in advance for any help


  Jdoki 17:05 09 Nov 2004

If money is no object and you want the FASTEST refresh rate then BenQ is the only company doing a 17" TFT with an 8ms response at the moment - incredibly fast, but I have yet to see one reviewed or in action.

click here

  Jdoki 17:08 09 Nov 2004

Oh, and I saw a very good review of the Sharp LL-172G model. 16ms response, 17".

I'm currently in the market myself for one of these - although I'm trying to hold off until 19" 16ms screens become slightly more affordable!

  Rayuk 17:10 09 Nov 2004

Have you checked what the monitor manufacturers guarantee is.
Do you know the make and model number

  square eyes 17:12 09 Nov 2004

Unfortunately money is an object for me and i was hoping to trade in my existing TFT or is that not possible these days?

  Rayuk 17:17 09 Nov 2004

Think I have misread the situation you are upgrading to 17" as warranty is no longer an issue with your 15".

Dont know of anywhere where you can trade in existing one may be best if you can sell it privately.

  wjrt 17:48 09 Nov 2004

as you say money is a factor when you use jdoki's
link scroll down to Hyundai L70S @ £185 and
12ms response

  GaT7 01:57 10 Nov 2004

Selecting a TFT LCD Monitor for Gaming - click here, & Best Gaming TFT - click here. G

  TomJerry 12:55 10 Nov 2004

£193.87 click here

Should be good enough for most games.

As for warrenty, i think almost all TFTs have 3 years from manufacturer.

  TomJerry 12:56 10 Nov 2004

£184.91 click here

  square eyes 01:18 11 Nov 2004

An overwhelming response, thankyou, i will find out from NEC how long the warrantee is and sell it privately, although i know a shop that trade in your existing monitor but as always i will be paying more than if i bought over the internet. Thanks all

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