Is upgrading memory worth it?

  [email protected] 19:58 14 Apr 2005

Not sure if this is a consumerwatch issue or a helproom issue :-)

I'm running a Xp 2400 with 512mb of 333 DDR & am thinking about upgrading to 1gb of the same (fastest memory my board supports).

Is this going to make much of a difference and if so where will I see it?

Thanks for any advice!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:02 14 Apr 2005

Yes you will. It will be noticeable in running heavy progs such as picture editing and moving music too. Upgrading the memory is probbaly the best upgrade, £ for £, ever.


  Mortticia 20:12 14 Apr 2005

Upgrading memory is the best £ for £ upgrade available.


  [email protected] 20:24 14 Apr 2005

Thanks chaps - e-bay here I come !!

  It's Me 21:51 14 Apr 2005

"e-bay here I come !!"

Perhaps Crucial would be safer for this vital part.

  vitrocmax 23:44 14 Apr 2005

I would agree that an extra 512MB would make a big improvement.
I would also agree that Crucial are better than eBay, you get next day free delivery on guaranteed quality. Unfortunately, I've been watching the price drop to an all time low but it's just gone up today, an extra £3 a stick for 512MB of 333. It's now £37.59 including VAT.
click here

  g0slp 09:28 15 Apr 2005

As posted above, more memory is highly recommended.

From my own experience, Crucial is also highly recommended too. Whilst eBay is usually OK, as It's Me correctly states, they would be safer.

Just my 2p worth... :-))


  [email protected] 10:31 15 Apr 2005

Thanks again for advice!

I am going to give one of the ebay suppliers a whirl as I'll be saving 33% ££.

They have a feedback score of over 32,000 with 99.2% positive, this seems a reasonably safe bet although I appreciate not as safe as crucial.

  Total Care Support 15:47 15 Apr 2005

Hi [email protected]

If you are running Windows XP when you step it up from 512 to 1024 dont forget to turn off your paging file in many cases XP is set up so that it looks at the first 512 ram then automatically uses the paging file meaning that you dont notice a difference, at home I am greedy running 2.5GB PC3200 in a AMD2800+ if i turn on the paging file I see no differnet perfromance in day to day then if I just had 512MB but turn of the paging file and its HELLO MAMMA

Best regards and enjoy the upgrade

Daniel Warren

  Kate B 17:58 15 Apr 2005

I have a very similar setup and the upgrade to a gig of ram made a fantastic difference - go for it.

  [email protected] 18:27 15 Apr 2005

Thanks again

Just to check Total Care Support.....I should be turning off the paging file completely?

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