Upgrading Freeserve/Wanadoo

  maz2 14:22 20 Mar 2005

I just wondered in anyone had tried this. Got a 512 connection from Wanadoo uncapped at £19.99. It was reduced in price before they became Wanadoo as I said I was going to migrate. I note that if I want to upgrade to I mb service I will be capped and the price will go up, has anyone kept the uncapped service without having to pay to upgrade and remailned uncapped Thanks

  reddwarfcrew 14:30 20 Mar 2005

I don't mind paying more than £19.99 for a faster service, but I don't like the download capping.

I have been conidering going to freedom2surf as they offer 2Mb speed for £24.99, with a 50GB cap (and uncapped during the early hrs).

The only thing that is stopping me is that I have had perfect level of ADSL service since moving to BB 2yrs 11mths ago with freeserve.

  maz2 14:40 20 Mar 2005

I know what you mean I hate change and thought it would be easier to stay with the same isp although I'm reluctant to be capped and pay the £20 to upgrade

  maz2 15:10 20 Mar 2005

Just had a look at Wanadoo's upgrade page and they say that if you were originally on the old uncapped service at £27.99 you can stay on uncapped, I wonder if that would apply to the £19.99 maybe I'll phone them and find out

  reddwarfcrew 15:14 20 Mar 2005

have u got a link to the page you were looking at?

  maz2 15:45 20 Mar 2005

Right at the bottom, although it's not very informative
click here

  reddwarfcrew 20:12 22 Mar 2005

My email


I've been with Freeserve on dialup for almost 6 years
and have been on broadband for 3yrs next month and have always been happy to
stay with you.

However, your package is just no-longer competitive. I have been looking
around and I can migrate to freedom2surf who are offering a 2Mb connection
with 50GB daytime cap (no cap in early hours of the morning) for £24.99. So
thats twice as quick with basically twice as much DL limit for £3 per month
cheaper compared to your £27.99 1Mb package.

I would prefer not to leave freeserve as I have always been with you, but
you must admit that you are just not competitive. Is there anything you can
offer to make me want to stay. If not, then please email me my MAC code so
that I can begin the migration process.

Their response


Please allow us to convey how sorry we are to hear that you wish to
cancel your subscription to Wanadoo Broadband. Unfortunatley due to DPA
law we are unable to process cancellation requests via email. I am sure
you will appreciate this is in the interests of privacy and security for
the customer.

If you wish to obtain your MAC, then please contact our support
department on the number below, and request that you are transferred to
the Broadband Care Team.

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