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  Regnak 19:12 14 Apr 2005

Hi Im fairly new to the idea of building my own pc and find it an exciting prospect but i was wondering if i could upgrade my old pc (Hp pavilion 7934), which is getting on a bit now (4-5 years old.I already upgraded the memory to 384 mb which is better than its origionally shipped state but i found out from hp that i can only upgrade the processor which is a 1.5 ghz pentium 4 to a 2.0ghz one.Dont get me wrong this would probably speed up my comp loads but im looking for more guts to it and would like to completely change the mother board so i can at least get an up-to-date cpu in it.If anyone could give me any advice on the best way to go about this it would be very much apreciated.Look forward to hearing from you!

  961 19:50 14 Apr 2005

Go to click here for a pretty helpful summary of how to go about it

Try your local library for Scott Mueller's "Upgrading and repairing PCs" or go to his web site click here

My own observations are that your existing computer may have a motherboard which makes upgrading difficult. Also, you are correct in saying that putting new stuff in will produce only a marginal improvement. On that basis, why not spend a couple of months deciding how to go about building a new computer bearing in mind you will still be able to use the old jobby while this goes on.

You won't, let me stress, save much in the spondoolicks department, but, come the autumn, you could have a new, fast computer that you can show your friends and say "I built that!"

And, believe me, if it goes wrong you WILL be able to fix it, without paying megabucks for the warranty, and either staying in waiting for the engineer, or allowing 2 weeks for the thing to go back to the maker

You don't need spend a fortune either. Buy last year's top spec. Look for a motherboard bundle from Novatech or similar. Much of the assembly and testing has already been done, removing many of the "first time builder" pitfalls


  Regnak 03:26 15 Apr 2005

thanks 961 the links were so helpful cant believe it would be that easy to find the information online. didnt start reading pcadvisor til a coupla months ago and registered with the site yesterday but i wish i had done it sooner, like when i first bought my hp it was my first buy and a so called "pc knowledgable" friend was s'posed to help me pick a decent one and i got lumbered with a comp that i just wanna skip. so if theres any advice i can give anyone its do your own homework before you buy....lol.now to just save up the dough and see if i make a superfast balls up of it....lol

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