upgrading to broadband

  eccy92 19:14 02 May 2005

I have a relative who as bt yahoo anytime and she is interested in upgrading to tiscali broadband like I have done recently and must say so far am well pleased with it. How would she go about this would she have to cancel her bt account first or would this automatically be done when she signed up with tiscali. I know if it was a tiscali dial up you would just downgrade to pay as you go can you do this with bt dial up then sign up with tiscali I would be grateful for any help in this matter thanks

  Zak 19:37 02 May 2005

Just sign up with Tiscali for the Broadband and then cancel the BT Yahoo Anytime when Tiscali Broadband up and running.

Your relative will have to cancel the BT Yahoo Anytime themselves. Most probably they can also go onto PAYG if required as a backup. The BT Yahoo website will provide details on procedure.

  ldlucan 20:46 02 May 2005

... but before you sign up with Tiscali ... you may wish to read this:

click here

and this:

click here

and finally this:

click here

Just left Tiscali after 4 years .. service, in my opinion, has crash landed. Others will disagree as it seems to be a bit of a postcode lottery who get service and who does not.

  [email protected]@ 21:06 02 May 2005

Must agree with ldlucan,changing from B.T to Tiscali is not ,in my opinion, a wise move.

  MMH 00:05 03 May 2005

I have been with Telewest Blueyonder for over 2 years. Service is very good. You can be on hold on the phone, however no cost to the call and come with both a selfcare disc and selfcare website.

  eccy92 17:57 03 May 2005

Thanks for your advise I have already upgraded from tiscali dial up to broadband so far I haven't had any problems with them it is a relative who is thinking of getting broadband and the tiscali deal appeals to her

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