Upgrade Processor or Memory?

  QUADDRA 00:39 19 Mar 2004

Upgrade Processor or Memory?

Upgrade Processor from Athlon 64 3000+ to Athlon 64 3200+
512MB Memory to 1024MB Memory?

  Rigga 08:52 19 Mar 2004


The CPU won't make an appreciable difference, esp between 3000, and 3200.

But the memory will make a big difference.

the biggest slowdown on computers is when the OS has to use the paging file. More memory will cut this down to a minimum.


  Aspman 13:59 19 Mar 2004

Depending what you are doing you may not notice much of a difference with either of these upgrades.

You may want to address other potential bottlenecks withing your PC such as getting a faster harddrive (good quality SATA drive might shifts things along) or upgrading your video card it you are playing games. Add a good sound card if you are using onboard sound.

If you have all that or don't think you need it, why not save your cash for something else?

  961 14:05 19 Mar 2004

Processor 3000 to 3200, virtually no difference

Memory will improve intensive jobs like video editing but otherwise 512 ok

  QUADDRA 20:01 21 Mar 2004

Thanks all,
Looks like it will be a memory boost then.
As with many of us, my PC will be multi purpose so a little video editing is likely.


  JerryJay 20:57 21 Mar 2004

someone just got memory to burn

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