Upgrade PC - Graphics card + RAM

  HSingh 02:57 04 Feb 2008


I bought a Dell dimension 9150 just over a year ago and am looking to update it.

The current specs are:

-Windows XP
-2 processors running - Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz
-2GB Ram DDR2 (2x1GB)
-320GB HD
-NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS (GeForce 7900 GS)

Specs for the standard 9150 can be found here:
click here

I want to upgrade the computer so it is able to handle the latest games like crysis. I was thinking upping the RAM to 4GB DDR2 (2x2GB). The dell site says the 9150 can handle up to 4GB.

And then changing the graphics card also. However im unsure which graphics card to get. I was looking at the SLI nvidia cards. But i dont think i have the correct mohterboard. Is it possible to put in an 8800 Ultra graphics card in my pc? I was thinking on something like the Inno3D 8800 Ultra 768MB PCI Express Graphics Card. But i am unsure about compatability.

Also looking to get a 1TB hard drive (external). Would there be any issues using it with my PC? I.e recognising such a large drive?

Any Help is much appreciated

  GaT7 12:58 04 Feb 2008

My initial thoughts would be that your present CPU would bottleneck a 8800 Ultra, & the PSU may not be powerful enough. Also, as you have a 32-bit OS, only 3-3.5 of the 4Gb RAM will be recognised/addressed by the system.

Any how, the best place to ask these questions may be the Dell forums, in particular the Upgrade section click here.

Don't forget to ask if you'll require a new PSU as well, & what kind of power connectors/adaptors are necessary for a 8800/ATi equivalent. G

  keef66 13:06 04 Feb 2008

You have a pci-express x16 slot on the mobo so it should take a PCI-express graphics card. The PSU is rated at 375W, so that might limit the card it would run (although Dell seem to rate psu's differently from the rest of the trade, so it might be OK). The case looks big enough to accomodate a standard sized graphics card.
I'd suggest you phone Dell and ask them the question.

Personally, I'd go for an 8800GT 512mb card. Cooler, quieter, cheaper than the card you propose, and only marginally slower at high resolutions / details

  project 90 00:33 06 Feb 2008

also HSingh you may want to purchase a bfg or evga card as these caom slightly overclocked and have 10 years or lifetime warranty worth the extra cost too

also what size monitor you running as if you getting an ultra it really only meant if you have a monitor with very high resolutions

  Totally-braindead 01:18 06 Feb 2008

Agree with keef66, the 8800GT seems to be the best value, there are better ones but the thing is to have some balance and I'm unsure if you would truly get the full performance out of an Ultra card, you might, I'm just saying I'm not sure. And I would check about the power supply as I agree Dells way of rating their power supplies seems to be different to everyone else.

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