Upgrade or SIM-Free?

  Fateful Shadow 23:45 14 Oct 2006

My phone's starting to go haywire (and, typically, it's just outside the 12 month warranty period...) and I was wondering which is the best option, if there th==is the option at all.

Can I buy a SIM-Free phone and use my current SIM card, or do I need to 'Upgrade' via my network provider?

Thanks =]

  Diodorus Siculus 00:10 15 Oct 2006

You can buy a sim free phone, or get another on Pay as You Go and unlock it to any network.

I'd suggest a look at the forums at click here

  lisa02 00:17 15 Oct 2006

Which model of phone and how long was your contract?

If it's an 18/24 month contract with which the phone was supplied then the phone must last that length of time, contact the network for a remedy of the fault. I have noticed that in my manual for my Sony Ericsson the warranty is two years anyway.

If you upgrade via your network you'll be tied into another contract.

Buying sim free is the most expensive option - the handsets aren't subsidised at all. Pick a handset on PAYG, if you're buying a new one, on which ever network your already on and put the contract sim card in it.

  Fateful Shadow 10:49 15 Oct 2006

Thanks for the replies. I had never thought about buying a PAYG phone and using my current SIM card, partially because I never thought it would work. Thinking about it now it seems almost obvious!

I will have a look around the PAYG O2 phones and see what I can find =]

Thanks again =]

  v1asco 20:10 15 Oct 2006

Virgin used to sell PAYG at a reasonable price and after certain usage(£30) they would unlock it so you could use your old sim.

Try all the networks (3 & O2 are haveing big battles with 3G) TMOBILE for £15 a month give you a good phone and £34 a month spending on anything.

My son has just struck a deal with 3 (with my help) for an 18 month contract he pays £15pm. The package is 300 mins, 500 text (both double for first few months), 50 mms, 50 video mins and £5 down loads (music, games) every month. As I have a contract already with him I reccomended him so he gets £30 credit and so do I. He also got a 256mb card (their value £30). The network does have a few reception problems, mainly video but I work all around the UK and rarely been frustrated.

This of course is if you want to go the contract route.

They also sell off out-dated phones very cheap. Last one I got on PAYG was £60 including £30 credit.

Don't forget, you can keep your old number, so no need to worry about your old sim.

Hope this helps and I do not work for 3!!!!!

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